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“Sad Girl Music” by Kito (feat. BANKS)

With experimental sounds that will help liven up your day, just in time for the rainy weather

A new tune called “Sad Girl Music,” was released on September 21 by producer Kito featuring BANKS, this being their second collaboration together. This piece is an upbeat dance song to say the least, and ironically also about heartbreak. However, this could be your next quick addition to your randomized autumn playlists. 

It’s never a bad time to put out a good new dance record; especially one that is able to make you get up and move around your living room and dance like no one is looking. Now that summer has ended it’s certainly necessary to keep the energy going and to get you through this fall quarter. 

Kito brings exactly that, with producers such as M-Phazes and Rory Noble on the track. The song has a slow buildup into harmonious rhythm and intense beats, all accompanied by BANKS’ voice in the mix. This song is about heartbreak; a story of infidelity and broken loyalty. The listener gets to hear BANKS singing to her partner about getting caught with another man. 

Sampled humming and muffling sounds introduce the song in a distorted style. Now, with an isolated vocal the listener can hear the chorus “This be that sad girl music I ain’t trying to see nobody I’m just dying, feeling sorry tonight,” BANKS sings, “I’ve been a bad girl/ My baby just saw me with somebody last night,” with the same sampled vocals of what appears to be BANKS humming throughout the song. 

Post-chorus lets the listener feel the pity that BANKS feels for herself and how she doesn’t desire to lose the man she loves. She continues to wallow while listening to “Sad Girl Music” that feeds her soul. As the beat builds, trickles and drops after the lyrics “I ain’t tryna lose my baby tonight/ my baby tonight,” Her voice phases in and out; which could sound as if BANKS were trying to put the listener into a trance.

The first verse picks up the pace with “Everybody probably thinks my heart is froze/ melancholy vibes, that’s probably why,” sings BANKS. This could represent her brain scrambling from all the thoughts she’s having about her mistakes.

With sounds on synth strings and a violin playing, she continues, “Cause it’s really bad this time because I made my baby cry/ Now he’s over being mine,” sings BANKS , backed up by distorted vocals. As the song continues, it becomes apparent that the relationship is over; he shows no pity for her no matter how hard she wishes for some.

There are colorful ad-libs in the background, a signature in BANKS’ music, and a catchy beat. The bridge follows with, “Tears on my pillow/Drunk off this vino/Heavy in my mind like kilos/Sucker for a man with steelo,” sings Banks, “My weakness really got the best of me.”

It’s pretty clear that BANKS had a lot of creative freedom while collaborating on this song with Kito. Her essence carried throughout the song, her lyrical style told a story that was not drowned out by the fun and playfulness of the beats. So, although a listener can easily break down this song, it’s best not to.

But if you’re willing to have “Sad Girl Music” playing on your way to your next class, then this song can be found on streaming platforms such as: Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.