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The “Two Hot Takes” podcast

Reading some reddit stories out loud and preparing to deal with the trauma

School is approaching and students are probably ready to leave the hot summer heat and gear up for sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes and rainy days. Of course, with fall comes showers, the breeze and the cold. So, why not warm your ears up with “Two Hot Takes,” a podcast for all reddit lovers, returning students and incoming students who would be interested in hearing soothing voices on their way to class. “Two Hot Takes” involves creator and talk show host Morgan Absher along with guest co-hosts that she chooses to accompany each episode. 

Both hosts read off stories they find off of Reddit or that their fan base sends in. The stories include those of the spooky contents, kidnapping, stalker stories and paranormal anomalies. People also send in infidelity, friendship issues, roommates issues; just about any relatable thing an audience can think of, they read it.

Each episode starts off with the statement “am I the a**hole for,” said by Morgan. The audience then can listen to the story and talk to themselves for the minute; even play it around friends before deciding their answers. You can decide whether those people were the “a**holes,” or struggle with your debating thoughts.

Now, let’s get right into it.  Trauma is a common theme in these stories so, if you are intrigued by now and will be listening at home, the library or at any local food spots then take a seat, and prepare; even grab yourself some emotional support while you’re at it. Episode 79 featuring co-host Lauren, “Wounds deeper than the Mariana trench.”

“Am I the a**hole for suggesting my pregnant sister put her baby up for adoption?” said Megan, a 31-year-old female sister, and 27-year-old female Reddit user. “My sister was in a very unstable relationship,” the Reddit user said, “Which was hidden until marriage. And we are a part of a close-knit family so this wasn’t accepted.” 

The story shifted once tragedy occurred and the husband then soon passed in a car accident; with a roller-coaster of emotions that followed. Including one sister recommending the other sister losing the only part of her husband; the two hosts then debate and confront each side of the story together. Students can learn more about the episode if they listen in for themselves, no spoiling the ending. Students can locate and listen to the rest of the stories from “Two Hot Takes” on Spotify for free or by watching on YouTube and TikTok by Twohottakes. So, welcome to autumn quarter and enjoy!

Quote of the day: “Nothing in life is guaranteed,” said Morgan.