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Is Splatoon 3 worth picking up?

Nintendo didn’t change much, but have promised and done enough to make fans of the series happy for the launch of “Splatoon 3”

Splatoon, a video game series from Nintendo, has changed the idea of a multiplayer shooter into a more kid-friendly approach by using paint instead of bullets. Releasing its first game in 2015, the game series recently released its third installment, and many players wonder if the changes are enough to constitute a new game.

“Splatoon 3” does not deviate far from its predecessors as the gameplay is nearly identical throughout all three games in the multiplayer aspect. As for the differences, they include a change in the setting of the game, the maps, and the weapons available.

The story mode in “Splatoon 3” has not seen much change in its style. It follows the same scenario of having something stolen, and the player has to retrieve it through linear missions; for returning players, this is the same as “Splatoon 2”. As for new players to the series, you will not be missing much if you start in the third game as the story is easy to understand.

It is not all negative however, as Nintendo has added and promised many things for the future of this game.

In “Splatoon 3,” players will have even more character customization, which is something players have wanted more of in the past. Nintendo has also promised post-launch updates which include “a new in-game catalog every three months for two years.” This includes an abundance of new weapons and maps. They have also said that there are plans for large-scale paid downloadable content, much like Octo Expansion from “Splatoon 2.” In addition, Nintendo has enticed older players to get the new game by adding bonuses such as being able to unlock any three weapons of your picking, just for having saved data from “Splatoon 2.” It will add your data from the old game into the new and help you get into games with similar skill levels. 

Although not much has changed from previous games, “Splatoon 3” is a must-pick-up if you are a die-hard fan of the Splatoon game series. As Splatoon is a mostly multiplayer experience, a massive percentage of the player base will move from “Splatoon 2” to “Splatoon 3,” which also happened to the original game when “Splatoon 2” was first released.

If you are planning to get “Splatoon 3,” it is found exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo of America | Promotional art of “Splatoon 3”