The spring Maker’s Fair

Happening on UW Seattle campus: The spring Maker’s Fair is an event in which students, faculty and staff are able to display their artwork to the public and express their creativity through their art.

Coming up on Wednesday May 18 is the spring Maker’s Fair. The Maker’s Fair is an event in which students, faculty and staff are able to showcase their unique talents and crafts to the public.

The fair is built on creativity and selling unique objects that range from hand stitched designs and needle-felt sculptures to watercolor paintings and art created from recycled and found materials. 

Madeline Galbraith, an alumna who showcased her artwork in the spring Maker’s Fair in 2019, designed and hand stitched stuffed creatures made out of found and recycled materials in efforts to repurpose and lessen the excessive use of plastic and synthetic materials.

“I let the art take me on its own journey through many mistakes, frustration, and then ta-da! Pure pleasure after completing a piece,” Galbraith explained when asked about her work.

“That is the beauty of art” said Galbraith when describing she doesn’t plan her creations. She used her love for animals to create and emulate their personalities through her artwork. 

Another former student, Lena Nguyen, made watercolor paintings and handmade cards when she participated in the Maker’s Fair. She stated that she loves when she steps back and can observe the end result of her creations. 

“I can see what I have created and just relax and feel proud,” Nguyen said, “It’s especially great to see the progress I’ve made and remembering the start of how it all began.” 

For many creators this is a chance to showcase their artwork to the public and share their own inspirations behind every item they make. 

Many creators will be returning while new creators will also be making their debuts, alongside vendors, catering to every buyer’s artistic desires. 

For more information regarding the spring Maker’s Fair visit: 

The Spring Makers Fair will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. located at The HUB/lawn on Wednesday, May 18.