Students now able to vote for ASUWT open positions

The ASUWT elections are now open for students across campus to vote and choose the students to represent their opinions and interests at large.

As of today, the voting for the Associated Students of the University of Washington Tacoma(ASUWT) has begun and will run until Friday May 20 at 11:59 p.m. The ASUWT is an organization that provides student representation, advocacy and involvement. They promote student interests and needs, provide expression of student opinions and interests and assist the University in providing student-centered environments. 

Students will be able to vote online as the ballots will be distributed to all students via their school emails. 

Currently multiple positions on the Executive Board and Senate of the ASUWT are open and election results will be announced on May 27 at 12:30 p.m. The following students are running for the following positions: 

President: Jai’Shon Marquis Berry, currently the Director of University Affairs, and Lucas Byram.

Director of University Affairs: Exita Lealofi. 

Director of Internal Communication and Affairs: Halana Williams, who currently holds the position. 

Director of Finance: Jasmine Davis and Jasmine Maggo. 

Director of Legislative Affairs: Ruth Ogden. 

Director Outreach: Holly Wetzel and Leticia Perrone Barreto. 

Senator for Institute of Technology: Elijah Amian and Nathan Nguyen. 

Senator for School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: Olivia Whitmarsh 

Matthew Thomson, the Election Administration Chair for the ASUWT, was available to provide more information in regards to students voting for write-in candidates. 

“Should any student wish to run as a write-in candidate,” Thomson said, “They are free to do so, the last day for write-in fillings being June 3.” Continuing, he listed the open Senate positions as well as how many students are running. They are as follows:

Milgard School of Business (2 seats – 0 students running)

School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (3 seats – 1 student running)

School of Education (1 seat – 0 students running)

School of Social Work and Criminal Justice (1 seat – 0 students running)

School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership (1 seat – 0 students running)

Institute of Technology (2 seats – 2 students running)

Pre-Major Senator (3 seats – 0 students running)

School of Urban Studies (1 seat – 0 students running)

Graduate Student Senator (1 seat – 0 students running)

On their main webpage, the ASUWT has a link to their public Google Drive which is available to the students and public at large. The public drive has folders with details on board reports, meeting documents, senate reports, governing documents and election materials. 

The election materials, within the Drive, contain files such as the Candidate Packet, detailing the election policies and procedures and job descriptions, the ASUWT Bylaws and the ASUWT Constitution, which are available for all to read. 

The ASUWT has social media pages detailing upcoming events and information at their Instagram and Facebook @asuwt as well as more details on the elections. 

Students wishing to see all of the available information on the ASUWT organization can visit their webpage at:

Students with any questions involving the ASUWT can email while those with questions around the elections and voting process can email the Electives Administration Coordinator at
Full details on the students, their endorsements and their platforms, as well as how students can vote for a write-in candidate, can be found at