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Spring Trend Alert: Top Hats

Students! Spring is finally here in full bloom. The sun is coming out of hiding, the weather is getting warmer, and our wardrobes are suddenly not quite doing it. To get your wardrobe up to speed on what it is lacking this season, you have to get spring’s latest must-have fashion accessory. You guessed it: TOP HATS. Keep the sun out of your eyes in style this season with a fine silk top hat resting upon your head. The epitome of class distinction, top hats will send a message to your peers that you are better than them… until they get their own! Stand out from the other applicants at your next job interview with this serious head accessory atop your noggin. The interviewer will pick up on your savvy for current trends and check the box on their application paperwork “Is applicant wearing a top hat?” YES! You can even store your homework in your top hat! For refined, self-assurance, men should wear their top hats tilted at a 10 degree angle. No more, no less. And ladies, top hats aren’t just for the suitors in your life anymore. Become a part of the social elite this spring with your women’s top hat that comes in several girly colors such as periwinkle, chartreuse, and magenta. Upon wearing your top hat, you may be tempted to attend an opera, need to walk with a cane, or run for office. Coming up this summer, look out for hot items such as monocles, pocket watches, and tailcoats to complete your outfit! Hats off to spring fashion!

Illustrations by Danielle Burch.