UWT looking for new Pack Advisors for the next school year

UW Tacoma is now accepting applications for those wishing to apply as a Pack Advisor for the next academic school year.

Students in their first year at UW Tacoma are assigned to be in one of four, color-coded groups known as packs all run by their own Pack Advisor. Pack Advisors work with their group of students and inform them about activities, provide them with helpful resources, answer general and frequently-asked questions about the UW Tacoma campus and whether they are currently hiring. 

Pack Advisors are responsible for assisting New Student and Family Programs in providing direct service to students. They work to encourage students and aid them in adjusting successfully in changes with their academic and social transition into UW Tacoma. Pack Advisors are frequently seen as role models and mentors to new students, organizing group activities, programs and making time for one-on-one interactions as needed. 

The applications for Pack Advisors are open until March 13 and the position will run from May 1, 2022 until May 1, 2023. 

Monika Anonuevo, the New Student Success Specialist at UW Tacoma, helps to run and oversee the Pack Advisor program on campus.

“There are a total of eight Pack Advisors,” Anonuevo answered in an email asking how many students apply for the position each year versus how many are hired. “Each year the number of open spots depends on how many returning Pack Advisors we have… but on average we have about two to three students who are returners. 

“We have had about 10-15 students apply each year for the Pack Advisor position for the past couple of years. This upcoming year (2022-2023) we will have five slots open on the team.”

With five slots open, Anonuevo was also asked how the Pack Advisor position aids students and helps them with their college careers. She gave the following response: 

“I believe that any opportunity where a student can get involved on campus, whether that is with an on campus job like being a Pack Advisor or a member of a student organization, can positively impact their college experience.”

She laid out the following specifics for the Pack Advisor program such as being a part of the team and community within the Students Transitions Office, having greater networking opportunities, creating and implementing programs to support new students and gaining leadership and professional development that can aid them on campus and post-graduation. 

Those wishing to apply for the position must be an enrolled, full-time undergraduate student at UW Tacoma who has completed at least one quarter and has a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. An application, current resume and cover letter will also be required. 

Those who are hired must be available for summer training and available to work the summer and the academic school year. They must also be available for spring onboarding that will happen on Friday afternoons. It is recommended those who apply are flexible and adaptable, suited to leadership positions and are good at working in teams.

Students wishing to apply for the Pack Advisor position and find more information on the position can go to For updates students can look to their Instagram and Tik Tok handles of @uwtpacks or visit their office in the Mattress Factory in room 106. Those with any specific questions can contact the New Student Success Specialist Monika Anonuevo at