Brands to support this Ramadan

There are many Muslim owned brands around the world that you can support, especially during Ramadan.

There are numerous Muslim-owned brands that sell clothing, headscarves, jewelry and more. Whether you’re Muslim or not, prefer women’s or men’s products, these brands may be suitable for you to both support and enjoy. Below is a list of these brands to support during Ramadan who also donate a fraction of their profits to organizations that help those in need.


You can find this brand on Instagram @nominal. Akram Abdallah, along with his wife Lena Sarsour, are the co-founders of this jewelry brand. Their high-quality and inexpensive jewelry has a lifetime warranty and does not fade, even when in water. They have expanded their brand since its inception and now also sell neon lights, headscarves, clothing and masks!

More than this, they sell religious jewelry with verses from the Holy Quran, religious sayings with creative designs and a hometown collection with numerous different outlines of countries. For the months of April and May, they are partnering with Islamic Relief to donate food boxes to Syrians for Ramadan through  the “We are One for Syria” campaign. 

Vela Scarves

You can find the two sisters who operate this shop, Marwa and Tasneem, on Instagram @velascarves. First established in 2009 to create scarves that would elevate Muslim veiled women, they now have many beautiful scarves in many different colors produced with high-quality fabric. 

This Ramadan, they are participating in the Solidarity Campaign, which donates 100% proceeds bought from it to three important causes: supporting Uygur orphans, food baskets for Yemen and supporting domestic violence survivors. The colors for this campaign are Uyghur Blue, Yemeni Coffee and Brave Purple. 


First founded in 2016, the goal of PaliRoots is to educate others on Palestinian culture and make products inspired by the people of Palestine. They have a number of products including Palestinian keffiyehs, shirts that symbolize Palestinian culture, jewelry, soap and more! You can find this brand on Instagram @paliroots, and for every order placed, they donate a meal as part of the PaliRoots Meal Program. Additionally, they donate a meal for every $25 spent! 

“With the population of Gaza reaching close to 2 million and over 50% under the age of 18, it is our duty to help ease the living situation due to the ongoing siege in Gaza. Our work primarily focuses on children as they are the future hope for Palestine,” as stated by PaliRoots on their website. “We partnered with the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) team to do a 3-month pilot program to research food and nutrient deficiency in four kindergartens in some of the poorest areas of the Gaza Strip.”

With Israel colonizing Palestine and the 2014 war in Gaza, inhabitants in Gaza have suffered from lack of clean water and access to necessities. “We found that among the 372 children at these kindergartens, 37% were anemic, 4.1% were stunted, 23% were at risk of stunting, 3% were underweight, 20.5% were overweight, and 14.2% were obese,” according to their website. 

Dar Collective

As stated on their website, the “Dar Collective is a study of our collective cultures. We believe in the shared experience of culture & value the traditions of our fellow brothers & sisters. Our team is made up of third-culture kids with roots from all regions of the world.” 

Their products are inclusive of many cultures and countries around the world such as Palestine, Syria, Morocco, and Pakistan. The “third culture kids” they refer to are those who were born in the same country as one of their birth parents or if one of their parents is from another country and they now live in a different country from either. 

Guided by their desire to be inclusive of a variety of cultures and celebrate each through creativity and community, their designs are vibrant and stylish for day to day outfits.

Uyghur Collective

As the last brand I want to mention, you can find this collective on Instagram @uyghurcollective.

Supporting Uyghurs this Ramadan is so crucial. They are unable to observe Ramadan in East Turkistan as the Chinese Communist Party detains them and other Turkic ethnic groups in concentration camps. There are ways, however, where you can help Uyghur refugees in Turkey. 

The Uyghur Collective will be donating all of their proceeds to the “Support Uyghur Refugees” campaign for the month of Ramadan. Not only can you stand in solidarity with Uyghurs with clothes that support them, but also help refugees during this blessed month. 

Any action standing in solidarity, whether big or small, will be an important step towards the day that humanity is restored. We may be living far from where these human rights violations are taking place, but together we have just as much as an impact. 

This Ramadan, join the campaign by the student coalition @freeuyghurnow, posted on their Instagram page, to take a 30-day boycott against brands such as Zara, FILA, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Apple and Nike until they take concrete action to end their use of Uyghur forced labor. 

Another important initiative to support is to boycott dates — the fruit — from certain brands this Ramadan. According to American Muslims for Palestine, brands such as Jordan River, Mehadrin, Delilah, Carmel Agrexco, Hadiklaim and King Solomon Dates must be boycotted. 

“This Ramadan and beyond, boycott Israeli dates, many of which are grown and packaged in illegal Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley of the Palestinian West Bank. When you boycott these dates, you’re taking a stand against Israel’s colonization of Palestinian land and the exploitation of Palestinian land and labor,” said AMP’s website. 

Only shopping for necessities and keeping our shopping spree minimalistic, especially from brands that are known as fast fashion, is important in order to reduce waste and show less support for brands that use forced labor. These steps are important, especially during Ramadan, because it teaches us to save money, put our funds towards other necessities or things that will keep us satisfied and also be of benefit. 

Supporting brands that give to those in need and that stand for justice is important because by supporting them we are also part of that change that humanity wants to see.