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A new streaming platform is coming for the true crime crowd

A new streaming platform is coming into the world of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ and you might be wondering, do we really need a new streaming app? Isn’t there already enough out there? But keeping this in mind — plus the recent rise of crime documentaries and docuseries — the true crime community has been pushing for something where every late-night detective can get their brains cranking. Soon to be released is Time4Crime, a streaming app that is all about true crime with everyone’s favorites all in one place.

Time4Crime will have your classic crime shows such as “Dateline,” “First 48,” “20/20,” “Forensic Files,” “Unsolved Mysteries” and many more. Not only are they streaming shows that are on the big cable channels, but they are also getting documentaries that other streaming devices have released like Netflix’s big hit documentaries “Making a Murderer,” “Ted Bundy Confession Tapes,” and “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.” 

Time4Crime is doing what Disney+ did by partnering with National Geographic, but instead, they are partnering with networks like ABC, NBC, Investigation Discovery, Netflix and A&E. Their goal is to have one place where all of us at-home detectives can solve crimes in the comfort of audiences PJs.

So many people who love true crime are subscribers to a multitude of streaming platforms because one offers one show and the other offers others. Because of this, true crime lovers are paying extreme amounts of money just to be able to watch the shows they enjoy. For example, Netflix is $12.99 per month and Hulu can vary from $5.99 to $60.99 — not including the price of internet which averages about $65.00. Adding up all these fees and using the most expensive Hulu package is $139.97 — which is just the price for those three things and doesn’t include other subscription services like Investigation Discovery. Time4Crime eradicates this issue by putting all the shows in one place for the price of one instead of three, plus they are supplying even more options since they will have shows like “Dateline” — which aren’t available on Netflix or Hulu, unless you have Hulu live. 

Once Time4Crime becomes available to the public and has been running for a few months, they want to include news stations like “Nancy Grace” which specialize in reporting about true crime. So, not only can the viewer be able to watch the shows but they will also have the ability to watch crimes unfold in real time. The best part is that all of these will be available in one spot so viewers can watch “Forensic Files,” get a notification about a live stream of the “Doomsday Mom Trail” and be able to switch over in just a matter of seconds. 

Time4Crime is still in the works of figuring out which shows the public wants to see most on the streaming device but they are hoping to get this out for public use by Summer 2020. If you would like to join the conversation about what should be added on go to: