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Tacocat brought a performance riddled with energy to Tacoma

After touring for about a month, the Seattle native group Tacocat made one last stop in Tacoma before bringing their act home. On Feb. 18, Alma Mater’s Fawcett Hall venue housed the show for the evening and accumulated an impressive turnout. With two openers plus Tacocat headlining, the show kept everyone in attendance dancing for well over two hours.

First to take the stage this evening was Diamond Chain. Making their first ever debut in concert, the band is comprised of four young children and a prepared two-song set.

They first played a cover of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia and followed the act with an original song “Monkshine.” Afterward, the audience called for an encore from the young band but after noting they had no other songs prepared, they proceeded to play “Monkshine” again and ended their debut with roaring applause from the audience.

Next up, adding a play on words to the line up and offering tribute to the infamous early 2000s brand, was the one-woman act Lisa Prank — her real name being Robin Edwards. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Edwards has been making music for over six years now. During this set she focused on playing primarily from her second and most recent album “Perfect Love Song” which was released in Oct. 2019. Through “Perfect Love Song,” Edwards created songs that are both pro-love as well as others that diss it — perfect timing considering Valentine’s Day had just passed.

Aside from this, Edwards also focuses on a wide variety of topics and her own experiences with matters such as toxic relationships, lies, contraception, and her own hypochondria. Despite the wide variety of topics, Lisa Prank always manages to produce music that is still fun and lively. Sounds of pop-punk with indie notes and synthesizers add exciting notes to her music.

Lisa Prank lit up the stage in her “prank” crown and electric blue two piece set with tassels for five solo songs before being joined by who she called Emily Prank — real name Emily Archangeli — to play bass during four other songs before finishing the set.

With two tough acts to follow, Tacocat was headlining and thus took the stage later in the evening. The group — playing for over twelve years now — chose to make one last stop in Tacoma before bringing their 2020 winter tour to an end.

With Emily Nokes on vocals — as well as her trusty tambourine — Bree McKenna on bass, Eric Randall on guitar and Lelah Maupin on drums, the quartet always brings a powerful and thrilling dynamic to the stage. The Seattle outfit promoted their fourth and latest full length album “This Mess Is A Place” that was released in May of 2019. While their music has for a long time been honest, feminist and conscious, this album in particular is more political than any others previously released.

Even though this release is more politically charged and raw, the music on this album still successfully generates hope and the lively energetic pop-punk music fans have come to know and love throughout their journey.

While “This Mess Is A Place” and its message are still extremely relevant in the current state of the world and politics combined, Tacocat made sure to bring older and more humorous songs to the stage as well to keep things light-hearted.

The group, who classify themselves as “sequin punk” and “platform pop,” ended the night on a high note and left the crowd in high spirits. With songs extending from depression, Dana Scully and feminism to politics, crummy service industry jobs and periods, Tacocat maintained their energetic and provocative performance and provided entertainment for all.

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