What we can learn from sudden death

Death is all around us. Every day, someone passes away. According to Worldometer, over 7 million people died this year and 18 million were born. So yes, as people do pass on, life starts to bloom as well. It is a scary, taboo topic for some, and normal for others. We hear about the deaths of celebrities and our loved ones, but how often do we think that death will dawn on us? We live every day normally, and we are sad when we hear the death of others, but eventually, that sadness fades and we are back to our normal lives. 

Sometimes, people live in this world as if there will be a million more days to come. We all know that this is not true and that, eventually, we will all pass away. This isn’t to put anyone in a sad mood, but it is to serve as a reminder. We take advantage of the time that we have in our lives.

We dismiss our goals, our ambitions. We wait to say the basic three words, “I love you,” or “I am sorry,” or, “I forgive you.”  We let our egos take over us and ruin relationships that last a lifetime. We wait so long to do things that have scared us the most. But what are we waiting for? And how much longer of time will be granted for us? Life is never guaranteed. No matter how many doctor check-ups we go to, they can never determine our life-span. No one can, we can’t. So yes, we should live like there is no tomorrow. This does not mean to go crazy and do everything off of our bucket list, but it means to not dismiss anything that is important to you. 

Why do people stay mad at each other for years? Why do people wait so long to get married? Why do we wave off our college degree? Why do we make promises we wait to fulfill? Why do we not buy that ticket to our dream destination?

Yes, financial and personal life barriers can get in the way of these things, but if we are able to overcome these, why don’t we take the risk? Why are we making life scarier than death?

Hearing on the news about the sudden death of inspirational leaders startles us, as death is always scooted on the very back of our thoughts. Death is usually the last thing that crosses our minds. However, people die every day in various circumstances, in all sorts of environments. 

Often, we are sometimes the reason why our lives become too complicated. It can be from the decisions we make or the relationships we have. We depend on the answer of our brain, not our heart. We think strategically, not emotionally. 

And we are the only ones who can free ourselves from the enclosed space we created for our well-being. Let your heart, mind, body and soul be free. Be thankful for what you have. Say I love you to your loved ones. Forgive the ones who wronged you — everyone deserves a second chance, and if not, then forgiveness. It is too stressful to hold onto little things that dwell on your mind for days and cloud you from true happiness. 

So while we have time on this earth, while we are breathing and healthy, make the most of it and live it your way. This is your life, and you’re the director.