Reminders and tips for the end of the quarter

Post-midterms: the point of every quarter where motivation is dwindling, stress is running high, and finals are much closer than they seem. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you end your quarter strong. 

Stay organized 

It’s important now more than ever to have a handle on what things you have coming up. Those large term papers and big tests are approaching much sooner than you realize. Take some time to look ahead at the upcoming weeks on each class syllabus to see what’s ahead of you. Even a few steps now to work toward these monumental projects will have you thanking yourself later. You are running out of “tomorrow” to do things, so try to get on top of it now.

Check your progress

Whether you meet with your counselor or check your academic progress on MyPlan — which is accessed through MyUW — the transition between two quarters is always an optimal time to assess where you are in your degree. This is a good time to start thinking about the possibility of summer classes, or if you’ll need to take on a heavier credit load in an upcoming quarter. 

Think ahead

Planning to graduate in June? Remember: you must physically speak with your counselor to apply for graduation. The deadline to apply is April 15, and you can apply any time once you are within 45 credits of finishing your degree. Plan ahead and try to get this done now before you’re busy with the hecticness that comes with the end of college. Also, if you’re planning to continue school, make sure to take — or retake — any entrance exams required, such as the LSAT or GRE.

Use office hours now 

When it comes to finals, it’s tempting to wait to study until right before your exams. When you have lots of other responsibilities taking priority, this is understandable. However, you should take time now to see where you are in your classes and check in with professors for extra clarification on concepts if needed before you learn any more material. Maybe you missed a few days of class and you never really learned a whole chapter of your textbook. Now is a good time to begin taking stock of these things before finals become overwhelming. 

Take time to embrace it 

Maybe it’s because I have registered for my very last quarter at UW Tacoma, but I think it’s important amidst the endless page turning and highlighting to take time to appreciate college. This is a time in your life you’re sure to miss, and the people you are around right now might not be there a few years from now. Remember that your time left at UWT is limited and embrace what you have left of it.