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The 5 best shows to marathon this spring break

As the spring quarter comes to a close, a break is finally visible over the mountains of homework — something nearly every student has had to forge through. While some people think college spring break is all about wild Fort Lauderdale or Lake Havasu parties, most students see it as it really is: a well-needed break. And what better way to spend a break than to plop down on a bed or couch, kick your feet up and discover a new show to watch? Don’t worry about the hassle of figuring out which ones to watch among the hundreds of options on Netflix, because we did the hard work for you.

BoJack Horseman

While the Netflix preview seems to confirm what most viewers already think of the show, “BoJack Horseman” is anything but just another cringe-worthy animated show. With its current five seasons, “BoJack Horseman” follows the daily struggles of a washed up horse sitcom actor living the human world of Hollywood — BoJack Horseman. The Netflix Original is a dark comedy, draw­ing on the suppressions and struggles of human emotion and thought to pull viewers deeper into its clutches. If there are any complaints to be had about this show, they are only about how season six is not available to stream yet.

That 70’s Show

A timeless classic if nothing else, “That ‘70s Show” has continued to en­tertain since its first season in 1998. The comedy/lifestyle series follows the lives of six teen friends living in Wisconsin during the groovy 1970s as they grow together and share experiences. The relatability of “That ‘70s Show” is really what sells this classic hit, along with its realistic conflicts and representation of life and the ‘70s. So sit tight, get ready to laugh, and start binging this eight season show — you’ll be sucked into a binging marathon you never planned.

Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere

If you’re looking for a true relaxation over the much needed break, then Net­flix has the perfect contribution towards your destressing. Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting,” a best-of-the-best 26 episode compilation, takes viewers on a wonder­ful journey into the remote serenity of the painting legend’s own canvas. Whether you’re looking to try some­thing new — as Ross encourages view­ers to follow along — or simply watch gorgeous scenery magically appear from Ross’ brushes, this compilation is the perfect getaway from the troubles of life.


Another Netflix Original, “Derek” is a sitcom series about the lives of the inhabitants and workers of a nursing home, including the star of the show himself: Derek. Played by the comedic mastermind Ricky Gervais, “Derek” is a continuously heartwarming and touching story that keeps its audiences laughing. While the main characters may seem to be simple, bored employ­ees, their very unique personalities and individual experiences will have you both bursting out with laughter and wiping empathetic tears from your cheeks for two seasons.

Black Mirror

Whether or not you’ve seen the clas­sic sci-fi show “Twilight Zone” or heard about Jordan Peele’s new revival com­ing out in April, “Black Mirror” is a show that constantly provides a pleasing sense of thrill and suspense to anyone looking for excitement. With four seasons and no central story, the episodes of “Black Mirror” take viewers on a wild ride serving as their own experiences since they have individualized stories. While the theme of a different story every episode may have audiences expecting rushed stories, the show masterfully executes a new exciting plot each time, making it impossible for thrill seekers to be left unsatisfied.