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The 4 best ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving — the one day you are obligated to feel thankful for ev­erything in your life. Besides being thankful for family, friends and every other wonderful thing in your life, there is one other thing to be thankful for — food! Without the various food options plated on your dining room table, Thanksgiving wouldn’t have the same ambience or meaning. Rather than wasting those yummy Thanksgiv­ing leftovers, why not make the most out of what you have? Here are four meals that you can make using those scraps of turkey, stuffing, sweet pota­toes and cranberry sauce:


Make a sandwich out of your left­over feast!

•1 dinner roll
•1/2 cup of turkey (warmed or cold, to taste)
•1 tablespoon of cranberry sauce
•1 spoonful of warmed mashed potato

To assemble the sandwich, cut the roll in half. Place the turkey on one-half of the roll. On the other half, place a spoonful of mashed po­tatoes. Drizzle the cranberry sauce onto the half with turkey, then place both both halves together.


Lots of stuffing leftover with noth­ing to rebrand it with? Try this!

•3 cups of stuffing
•1 cup chopped turkey or ham
•1/4 pound frozen spinach
•6 large eggs
•2 tablespoon milk or cream
•Salt and pepper to taste

To start, preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Thaw and squeeze the spinach dry.
Add the stuffing, turkey and spinach to a bowl, then stir lightly to combine without breaking up the stuffing too much.
Coat a muffin tin with nonstick spray or butter.
Divide the stuffing mixture between all 12 cups. Leave the stuffing loosely packed in the cups so that the egg mixture can fill in the empty spaces.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper.
Divide the egg mixture among the 12 cups, filling each about one-half to three-quarters full. The eggs and stuffing mixtures will expand during cooking, so try not to overfill the wells of the tin.
Bake the muffins 25–30 minutes or until lightly golden brown and crispy on the top. Allow the muf­fins to cool slightly, then run a knife around the edges to loosen and re­move each muffin. It’s as easy as that!


•1 graham cracker
•1 spoonful of mashed sweet potato
•1 marshmallow

Begin by breaking a graham crack­er in half, into two squares. Place warmed mashed sweet potato on one of the graham cracker squares. Then, melt the marshmallow in the micro­wave for 15 seconds, once it is melty and gooey, place it on the other half of the graham cracker. Put the two halves together, and voila! You have a festive s’more!


Staying healthy during the holidays is hard, but this sinless snack will have you feeling festive and good!

•2/3 cup plain vanilla nonfat yogurt
•1 tablespoon cranberry sauce
•1 tablespoon honey
•A handful of your favorite granola

Just add the yogurt, cranberry sauce, honey and granola into a bowl, stir, and there you have it — an easy, healthy snack perfect for the holiday season!