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10 Funny last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Sure, candy is great — but we all know the best part of Halloween is dressing up! Store bought costumes can be expensive and unoriginal, so read on to find ten hilarious and trendy costume ideas you can make all on your own.


We love dads. They keep the lawn mowed, guard the TV remote dutifully and are fantastic at keeping all unwanted spiders out your room. Honor them this Halloween by sporting some cargo shorts, tuck­ing in any basic polo and slipping on a pair of loaf­ers or crocs — with socks on, of course. Feel free to accessorize with a large belt, ball cap, watch and traditional facial hair. There are different varieties of dads, so there’s plenty of room for interpretation with this costume.


If you’re hanging out with your friends this Hal­loween, don’t shy away from a group costume. For a hilarious DIY outfit, buy some easy iron-on letters from your local craft store and coordinate with your friends to put your favorite Cards Against Human­ity quotes on plain black and white T-shirts or dresses. We dare you to use our favorite card: Bees?


Since this is the Pacific Northwest, we know that you have at least a hundred flannels. Dig out a red one from your closet, and represent your favorite paper towel brand by throwing on some plain jeans and a brown belt. We’ve never seen Mr. Brawny’s shoes, so you have some cre­ative license there (sexy costume modification idea: wear heels). We recommend buying a case of Brawny’s paper towels and carrying it with you to clarify your character.


One of the iconic scenes in the famous com­edy “Mean Girls” features an emotional teen girl pouring her heart out in an assembly about what she wishes her life at school was like. Her speech is immediately followed by a person in the audi­ence wearing a blue hoodie and aviators yelling out (Damian at his finest), “She doesn’t even go here!” Sure, this costume is super easy, but that doesn’t make it any less funny or relevant. To complete the Damian ensemble, we recommend wearing dark sunglasses and a blue sweatshirt with the hood tied up.


Earlier this year, a young boy in Texas went viral for randomly singing and yodeling in his local Walmart. Parodies quickly followed, and the yodeling kid became one of the most famous memes of 2018. Dress yourself with a white button up, a pair of loose jeans, and some cowboy boots and you’re halfway there. Simply accessorize with a cowboy hat and bolo tie, and voila! You’re sure to get some compliments. Kudos to you if you can actually yodel, too.


Is it tacky? Maybe. Do we love it anyways? Ab­solutely. American tourists are so funny with their disposable cameras, floral button-ups and bucket hats. Complete this outfit with your choice of sun­glasses and sandals, and enjoy your “travels.” You can even use your camera to seal the memories from the night by snapping some pics with your friends!


The insurance company State Farm created a fictional character a few years ago to star in their commercials and represent how reliable their com­pany is. The ads were intended to be comedic, and Jake’s personality was, of course, a hit. All you need to be Jake is some khakis, a red shirt and some sort of name tag that reads, “Jake.” This costume is stress free and people will light up once they recognize who you are.


Kermit the Frog’s popularity has yet to fade, as he rose to the spotlight in meme culture recently for his sassy commentary on gossip. For this getup, find any green top and line the collar with some felt cut out triangles using super glue or any other adhesive. For an added touch of drama, carry a glass cup filled with a dark tea in your hand, and sip from it occasionally.


Flirty divas, this one is just for you. This look is especially comfortable, as you can wear any cute outfit you like for this costume. You don’t have to bother with any uncomfortable shoes, corsets or do any sort of complex makeup. Simply print out the faces of your favorite male celebrities (or any hotties of your choice), cut them out and attach them to lengths of string. Next, glue those strands onto the ends of an umbrella, and you’re done. It’ll be raining men — hallelujah!


This costume is funny because it’s one of the first costumes created; yet, despite being well-known, it isn’t actually worn very often. The ghost is the ultimate skill-free DIY costume. You know what to do: Cut two holes in a white sheet and put it on. Badabing, badaboom, you’re the original ghost.