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4th annual Lights Out makes University Y glow

Sept. 28, from 9:30 p.m. to mid­night, students gathered for the fourth annual Lights Out at the University Y Student Center to hang out and have fun in the glow in the dark gym.

Lights Out was made possible by collaboration between the Student Ac­tivities Board and the UWY. The event started in spring of 2016 and has become a yearly tradition since then.

Brittany Sanchez-Reed, student pro­grams specialist of University Y Student Center, explained how and why Lights Out was created.

“The very first year the music and entertainment coordinator had the idea to do a big black lights takeover of the University Y and we were having con­versations about how to utilize this student space in a creative way, and that’s where it started,” Sanchez-Reed said. “The goals are to kick off the aca­demic year in a really fun and active way, to bring people together, to get excitement about this building and to be excited about being part of this cam­pus community.”

Most in attendance at the event were UW Tacoma students, though one free guest was permitted per student at­tendee. Any additional nonstudents were charged a fee of $10.

Students and guests had the options of participating in several different ac­tivities normally available in the UWY building. Students were also able to play Big Pink Volleyball and take pictures with Hendrix the Husky and the new 20-foot tall inflatable husky. Guests were also handed a free flashing dog paw as they entered.

Sanchez-Reed believes that the abundance of space the UWY had ben­efited Lights Out.

“When you have three floors of an entire building to work with, there’s a lot of opportunity for different stuff,” Sanchez-Reed said. “And there’s a lot of things for people to explore.”

On the first floor, new students were able to register for YMCA membership and guests had the option of trying to climb the rock wall decked in neon and other glow in the dark colors.

On the second floor, guests were given free glow in the dark items to wear and goody bags with more glow in the dark apparel such as rings, necklaces and glasses. Attendees also had the op­tion to get their faces painted with neon colors — ranging from pink to yellow and green.

Once attendees received their glow in the dark accessories, they were able to get free pizza and drinks from the recently opened Zeeks Pizza located on Pacific Avenue near campus.

The game room and ping-pong ta­bles were open, in addition to Mixxed­fit and dancing. A DJ — a former student who graduated in the spring — pro­vided music throughout the entirety of the event.

The third floor was used for a new addition to Lights Out: laser tag. At­tendees could get into groups of 20 and play a 15-minute game.

“What makes Lights Out interesting is that there is something for everybody,” Sanchez-Reed said. “[If] you like a lot of physical activities there’s something for you. If you like kind of a low-key experience of just hanging out with friends and playing pool, that’s there for you as well. So there’s something for everybody. So if you haven’t been, next year you should definitely go.”


The print version of this article incorrectly cited Leticia Bennett as a news reporter. Bennett is the news editor


Leticia Bennett

Leticia is the News Editor for The Ledger. She is a Senior majoring an Urban Studies and hopes to become an Urban Planner. She is interested in all things happening around campus and loves to learn new things and meet new people.