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UWT Block Party 2015

On May 20, UWT held the an­nual Block Party on Commerce Plaza from 12- 2 p.m. It was truly two hours of enjoyment and was a time where UWT students felt connected. The event had various activities that students could participate in, includ­ing activities such as a dunk tank where people had the option to dunk their fellow students in the water. There were also activities where stu­dents did various activities to receive raffle tickets.

These raffle tickets would later be used for a drawing to win various prizes. Sadly, I did not win anything, but the chances for me to win some­thing were low due to the number of people who attended the Block Party.

Another interesting activity they had was an inflatable tug of war, which was where two students would be tied to a bungee cord and were responsible for pulling the other. There were also groups that attended the party and had booths set up pro­moting their club or association. This was a perfect time to do so due to the large number of people that attended who could be given information about potential clubs to join.

They also served food during the event. The restaurant Hot Rod Dog participated in the event and sold their dogs for $2 a dog with chips. It was nice to see local businesses at­tending and helping out with the event.

Overall, I had an outstanding time at the Block Party. Out of the two years spent attending the University of Washington, this was the first time I truly felt that the students were a community and were all having fun together. It was nice seeing something like this, and hopefully the next Block Party will be better than this year’s and further showcase the relationship between UWT students!

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