Opinion: Why you should join a club on campus this year

Let’s face it — college can be tedious. Between lengthy classes and multiple assignments, it’s hard not to fall into a rut. But college is far too short to spend droning about. UW Tacoma is home to over 60 Registered Student Organizations. Whether you’re an incoming freshmen or returning Husky, I’ll explain why joining an RSO is the perfect way to add a little spice to your college life.  

Connections galore!

Clubs are a great way to expand your friend circle or make professional connections. Here, you’ll find a variety of students who share your common interests be it an activity, religious affiliation, or political viewpoint. You may form relationships that will last throughout your college years or a lifetime with these individuals. These connections you make play an important role in your transition to the working world. For example, some group members may share information with about job, volunteer or internship opportunities you might be interested in.  Connect while you can, as much as you can! 

Learn and develop skills

From public speaking to event planning, there are so many opportunities within clubs to learn and develop skills. For example, taking on leadership positions — such as treasurer of a group — can teach you how to manage money or as the secretary role may assist you in how to take better notes. So, don’t shy away from volunteering for a leadership position if the opportunity arises. Additionally, some groups may have workshops for members. For example, I attended a financial literacy workshop by Black Student Union last year that completely changed how I use my budget. Many of the skills you learn in a club can help you in the classroom or in your personal life. 

Relieve stress

Clubs are great outlets for stress. Try to dance the anxiety away with ECHO, a hip-hop club or if you’re a fan of math, talk equations with friends in the Mathematics club. There are RSO’s to benefit literally anyone! Whether it be an academic club, a political club, or a sporting club, there’s something for everyone to satisfy needs and relieve stress. 

Boost your resume and/or scholarship application

Participating in a club is a great way to show an employer or scholarship reviewer you are well-rounded. However, it is important to note that reviewers may value quality over quantity. For example, a student who has been a member of a club for three years and undertakes a leadership role is able to better demonstrate their commitment than a student who was a member of five clubs for only one year.

It’s fun!

Perhaps the best reason to join an RSO is that they are tons of fun. Many clubs will have planned activities that seek to teach, engage and inspire you or the community. So don’t wait, join now!