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Fall Quarter glow up guide

The art of “glowing up” is an indi­vidual process that results in an extreme­ly positive transformation of oneself. These transformations vary from physical results, such as losing weight or gaining muscle, to mental or spiritual results, such as rais­ing your GPA or taking time to practice yoga or meditation. There are tons of re­sources on campus that help make glow­ing up easier, so consider these four ideas when thinking about how you want to glow up and start the school year right.


Why glow up alone? Whether you want to make friends, pad your resume or find a sense of belonging on campus, joining a club is the best route. Major specific clubs such as the Marketing So­ciety, Environmental Science Association, Psychology Club and more are great spaces to connect your major of study to the real world, as well as collaborate with students who have similar passions as you. UWT also offers clubs of interest and identity such as the Asian Pacific Islander Student Union, Latinx Embrac­ing Education, Film Club, Photography Club and many more. Fall quarter is the time to join a club, and the Student In­volvement Fair on Sept. 27 — located on Prairie Line Trail — is sure to have a club that interests you.


Want to get healthier this quarter? Hit up the Y. Every student pays for a Y membership in their tuition, which means they have access to every YMCA in the country, not just the one on cam­pus. Zumba, yoga, cycling and many other group exercise classes are available and each schedule is posted on their website. The Y also offers FitPath ap­pointments, allowing members to meet with health and well-being staff to estab­lish a fitness plan tailored to the member’s goals and needs. What better way to achieve your fitness goal and get your money’s worth of a service that you al­ready pay for?


If you have your eye set on a stronger GPA or you just want help understanding tough classroom content, you definitely should visit the Teaching and Learning Center. Located on the second floor of the Learning and Research Commons in the Snoqualmie Building, the TLC offers free tutoring services to all UWT stu­dents. You can attend drop in tutoring sessions for a wide variety of subjects such as writing, science, math or computer science. If you find yourself having a hard time deciphering your many assignments, simply check out the tutoring schedule online and receive the help you need.


One of your goals may be taking time to manage stress in a healthy way. The Mattress Factory is full of stress relieving games and activities such as ping pong and foosball, but it is also home to the meditation room. Located in MAT 152, the meditation room is a peaceful space for students to relax in private. Students can use this space for meditation, prayer or just a quiet space to chill out. Utilize this room around midterms and finals week, or really whenever you feel like you need to unwind.

So fellow Huskies, take some time to write down your personal short term goals and determine how you want to better yourself this quarter.


Alex Alderman

Alex is studying sustainable urban development. She loves going to events around Tacoma and telling people about them. Her goal is to use her degree to make cities more sustainable.