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Dawg House finishes upgrades

The beginning of UW Tacoma’s spring quarter marks the completion of the second phase of the Dawg House Student Lounge upgrades. While the renovation period spanned only four months, the plans to update the Student Lounge have been in the works since spring quarter of 2017.

It was during winter break of 2017 that phase one of the refurbishments took place — making changes and updates to electrical fixtures, lighting and paint, and adding a table with microwaves in the eating area. These renovations were the first done on the space since 2013.

With a budget of $150,000, the refurbishments looked to improve upon the appearance and functionality of the Dawg House. Facilities Services — the department in charge of the renovations — gathered student and faculty feedback and made plans according to what they heard.

One of the most notable updates to the Dawg House is the new layout for the eating area. The area has been opened up with the removal of the bar tables and newer, smaller tables and more seating options. Before the update, there was not a dedicated space for eating utensils and napkins, and there were no microwaves — something Facilities Services made sure to include with this update.

Students are expressing their satisfaction with the updates. Freshman Ryan Sutherland, who comes to the Dawg House a couple of times a week, talks about what he likes about the updates.

“I come to play video games, shoot pool and relax,” Sutherland said. “I like the update because the new furniture makes those activities better. I also like how there’s more places to charge my phone.”

Kenneth Robertson, another UWT freshman, agreed with what Sutherland had to say.

“It’s very cozy,” stated Robertson. “It’s like a living room, and it feels like home. The new seating is very relaxing, and the microwaves they’ve added are really great.”

Other additions include new couches for students to relax on, booth seating, tables with charging ports, new wall mounted TVs and storage cabinets.