Good news for a new quarter, again

This year has been tough, so here is some good news to help lift your spirits.

Once again, the world is seemingly dissolving into day after day of bad news and heartbreaking stories and photos. I don’t need to tell you the exact things I am thinking of, I’m sure you can deduce them for yourselves.

It is continually taking a toll on our mental health. So, here I am again with a dose of good things that will hopefully start the quarter off on a good note. 

On Jan. 17, in honor of Betty White’s 100th birthday, people flooded animal shelters all across the country with donations of money and even some people adopted animals.

The San Diego Humane Society waived all adoption fees on Jan. 17 and were hoping to have 100 pets adopted. By the afternoon of Jan. 17, 253 adult pets were adopted. 

In addition to this, the Nashville Humane Association said that in just 17 minutes it had raised $1,100. In total, $30,000 was donated. 

This trend continued for shelters all over the nation. All in honor of one of America’s Golden Girls.

In January, Smithsonian Magazine reported that the Monarch butterfly population has once again boomed. In 2020, less than 2,000 butterflies were observed in California. In 2021, over 247,000 butterflies were counted.

German residents crowded a train station and offered up their own homes to help house Ukrainian refugees. 

Around 300,000 private homes were offered up for Ukrainian refugees by their German owners.

The No Surprises Act went into effect on Jan. 1 and helps to cover surprise medical bills. It covers specifically emergency care and out-of-network care that wouldn’t be covered by your insurance. 

Jack Hoadley, Kevin Lucia and Beth Fuchs from The Commonwealth Fund estimated that this act will help cover medical bills for over 135 million people. 

HIV mRNA vaccines have just officially been launched in a clinical trial. Moderna announced on March 14 that they have just dosed the very first person with an HIV vaccination.

Moderna is hopeful that their vaccine will help to prevent HIV and therefore reduce the number of people with AIDS.

Many dogs, cats and other cute critters are available to adopt at the Tacoma and Pierce County Humane Society which is a no-kill shelter. There are currently 36 dogs available, 29 cats available and 8 other critters of various types available.

You can also volunteer and donate to the Tacoma and Pierce County Humane Society at their website

Though these pieces of good news have some bitter tinges in them, they do show that our world is constantly changing and evolving to be a better place.

Be kind to one another, I promise it will make you feel better.