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Tacoma laughed with Stand Up for the YWCA

Oct. 12, Tacoma gathered at The Swiss, a UW Tacoma hotspot, to sup­port the YWCA and eagerly await their long anticipated Stand Up for the YWCA. This event featured the latest and greatest comedians talking about feminism, what it’s like for women in the comedy profession and the struggles all women face — all in a surprisingly hilarious way.

In our current social environment, feminism and comedy don’t usually go together, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make for a great time. Comedians like Monisa Brown, Jill Silva, Sarah Sklilling cracked up the crowd with their too-true comedy routines.

Women from all around the 253, including UWT students, YWCA volunteers and laugh lovers from all over, gathered for more than just comedy. The YWCA hosted a raffle, including prizes such as tickets to “Tinder Live” — a comedy show where Lane Moore performs a com­edy skit about going on Tinder — and smaller gift bags to raise money to help domestic abuse survivors.

While most of the audience were women, not everyone was a feminist. One UWT grad, Donna Kopmar, said she “saw the event on Facebook, and thought it would be really cool.” Even though she doesn’t consider herself a feminist, she “wanted to come to see what it was all about.” And she wasn’t disappointed!

Like many from UWT and the surrounding community, Cathren Holly from UWT’s Autism Center “heard about [the event] from a friend then saw it on Facebook.”

Alegra Gassert, a volunteer who works with newborns to five-year-olds at the YWCA, said “it was re­ally fun, the turn-out was really great for a first [time] event.”

Hopefully we can look forward to more events like this, maybe even in a larger event space to accommodate all Puget Sound lovers of feminist comedy — we can hope!