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Say Cheese! Instant cameras are back

In the past year or so, owning a polaroid camera and obsessively posting polaroids on Instagram has become a trend. Walls have been filled with pastel colored instant cameras and pictures with carefully written dates on them. These cameras provide a wonderful aesthetic and a creative way to keep memories. From Fujifilm to Impossible Project, the camera options are endless. Here are a few that might be worth your time:


This isn’t just your average polaroid camera. In fact, it’s not even a camera! Prynt Case for iPhones is a phone case that can make your selfies into colorful polaroids. It comes with a rechargeable battery and an app that lets you edit your photos before you print — sorry, “prynt” — them. While this might be the most expensive phone case you ever buy at $150, it’s a pretty good polaroid camera substitute. It’s a bit too bulky to carry around as your everyday case, so the best option would be to keep it in your bag until you want to take a picture. These photos develop instantly, but unlike it’s polaroid counterparts, the film quality isn’t the best.


At $130, the Mini 90 is slightly more expensive than other Fujifilm Instax models, such as the Mini 8, but it allows more setting control for users who have more photography knowledge. You get to set the settings yourself, such as the brightness of the photo, from the back panel. You also get to control the flash, whereas with the 8, you don’t have control at all. It takes the same film as the Mini 8, so if you already have the 8 and are looking for a wider array of options, go for the 90. You won’t have to worry about juggling different types of film and you’ll get more control! The camera also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger unlike other Fujifilm cameras.


This isn’t the traditional polaroid camera, but it yields the same result. The Snap Touch is digital with a touch screen LCD that allows you to review the photo before you develop it. As someone who ended up with a few wonky looking polaroids while using my Mini 8, I sincerely miss this option to see whether the photo is worth printing. This camera has a built-in printer that prints out your pictures on adhesive-backed photo paper and makes them look like polaroids. There is also a 32 gigabyte memory card in case you want to save your pictures electronically. Because it’s more digital than the others, it is more expensive at $170.


This camera comes in seven gorgeous colors from sky blue to black. I personally have a bright yellow one and I absolutely love it. Even as a beginning photographer, I found the camera clear and easy to use with a range of modes. It tells you what setting to use, so your only job is to point and shoot. The Mini 8 is one of the cheapest polaroid cameras out there and the film’s price averages at $15 for 20 pictures for this camera, while the camera itself is around $60. Although the polaroid itself is a one-time splurge, the cost of the film exceeds the cost of the camera almost immediately. While this seems like a lot, the pictures come out really well and make for pretty decorations.


The most obvious difference between the Wide 300 and its other Fujifilm counterparts is the width of the photos. True to it’s name, the Wide 300 has larger sized prints, closer to the standard 3-by-5 of non-polaroid pictures. It also has more control than the Mini 8 in brightness, flash and shutter speed. It is a little under $100 but only accepts the specialized, larger Wide 300 film which is a bit more expensive, unlike other Fujifilm products which all utilize the same type. Honestly, I love the way this camera looks! It feels more sophisticated than the other bubbly cameras from Instax. I think the best part of this camera is that it looks, feels and acts like a polaroid camera should! At first glance, it is much more square shaped, but it functions the same as the other cameras on this list — essentially just a point and shoot. It’s easy to use but makes you feel like you’re a professional, making it my first pick for the best polaroid to buy.

While these cameras vary in price range, image quality and user-friendliness, they’re all a cool and fun way to take photos. If you want an innovative way to keep memories, I say go out and buy yourself one of these awesome cameras!