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UW Tacoma education expands to Federal Way

UW Tacoma is expanding its education into Federal Way by implementing programs in the public colleges like Highline, giving students the opportunity to take university courses while being in a community college.

The UW Tacoma expansion is a four-part partnership with Federal Way public schools and Highline college. Officials signed a memorandum of understanding on Jan. 10, which established an agreement that several heads of local government and education would work accordingly to make higher education available in Federal Way.

The agreement was signed by Mayor Jim Ferrell, Superintendent Tammy Campbell from Federal Way Public Schools, UW Tacoma Chancellor Mark Pagano, and President Jeff Wagnitz from Highline College.

Chancellor Pagano expressed excitement over the agreement.

“Having a physical presence in Federal Way will also allow the college to better serve its adults wishing to obtain four-year degrees, many of whom already have other commitments such as families or jobs or have difficulty traveling out of the city for educational opportunities. Along with a working relationship between the school district, as well as Highline College, access to higher education is greatly improved with a facility in Federal Way.”

Although it is unknown how much this endeavor will cost, the project will go to legislation committee hearings that will be held in 2018 from January through March.

According to Mayor Ferrell, the students taking courses in Federal Way will have the same benefits as the UW Tacoma. However, since it’s a UW Tacoma effort, they will not have the same benefits as UW Seattle.

Despite the setback for future UW Seattle students, Ferrell is pleased with the plan.

“We’re very excited about it,” said Ferrell.