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Spring break 2017: Washington’s breathtaking beaches

La Push, best known for its prominence in the Twilight series, is a small town located in Western Washington. It has two beaches, Rialto and La Push, that are the main tourist attractions in the area.

Rialto Beach is the perfect place to relax. The beach is littered with smooth, flat, black rocks that are ideal for skipping. The unique rock formations around the beach captivate visitors and the long shoreline allows for leisurely strolls and small picnics. Many visitors also enjoy taking photos along the Hole in the Wall Trail, which is a 2-hour hike that encircles the entire beach. The trail is 2 miles long and offers hikers a leisurely stroll along the Olympic coast. If you’re lucky, you’ll spy whales, sea lions and a variety of seabirds and eagles. The best time to visit Rialto is during low tide because you’ll have better access to the tide pools.

La Push Beach is split into three beaches. The first beach — the northernmost — is crescent-shaped and known for its slow waves and driftwood. Many people choose to surf, fish, and hike in this area. The second beach is the longest and flattest of the three. It spans 1 mile along the Quileute Indian Reserve and is accessible via a short trail. The third is best known for the waterfall located in a corner of the beach. This part of La Push is known for the magnificent views of Strawberry Bay which is a long trail with views of the beach. While the third beach is breathtaking, it tends to be a slippery trek during bad weather. There are also campsites near the third beach that are secluded, offering lots of privacy for campers.

Getting to La Push isn’t too hard. It’s only a 7-hour drive from Tacoma, so it’s perfect for a road trip. If you can’t drive, or feel like the drive is too long, you can also get there by taking two buses. The cheapest and fastest bus route to La Push is to ride the Olympic Bus Lines from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Port Angeles, then catch the Clallam Transit from there to La Push, Forks, or Neah Bay.

There are many restaurants near the beach but bringing food from home is the best way to stay on budget. Although most hotels offer free breakfast, it’s always better to check before you book. Hotel prices can run up if not booked in advance, but are usually between $60 and $80 per night.

If you’re either a die-hard Twilight fan or a fan of soft beaches and hiking, this is the place for you to spend your spring break!