Opinion: Enjoy this spring break with the ultimate ‘stay-cation’

Spring break is almost here, which means some students will be planning trips far away from the horrors of final exams. For many students, these costly trips afar just aren’t an option. But that’s okay! Here are few ways you can enjoy your spring break right from home.


This spring break, save some major cash by having your own music festival at home! While Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the U.S., it’s also one of the most expensive. The cost for a general admission ticket is $429, and an article from MONEY magazine reports one could spend over $2,000 once you consider costs of trav­el, food and hotel arrangements. Instead, consider organizing your own home-chella. First, ask your friends to come over clothed in their interpretation of Coachella gear. Use highlights from previous music festivals on Youtube or Pinterest to glean inspiration. At the party, create DIY wristbands, flower crowns or tie die shirts. Make your own lineup of stars by singing karaoke or blast your favorite tunes over a speaker. Get the VIP experience on your couch by watching the live stream of Coach­ella online or on TV. You can even have your own style of food truck fare — have your friends bring drinks, sliders or veg­gie wraps. If you don’t like to cook, Ubereats, Grubhub and a variety of oth­ers delivery apps can bring food right to your front door — you don’t even have to leave the house!

Remember: If you do decide to have all out home-chella party in your back­yard, mind your neighbors, take selfies and totally send me an invite.


Growing up, my parents weren’t the outdoorsy type, so our family camping trips were mainly indoors. In fact, one of my fondest memories as a child in­volved building pillow forts with my younger brother. Indoor camping is a great alternative to outdoor camping, especially during those random raining days during spring break. After you lay down your sleeping bag, use a bedding sheet to create your tent and make some yummy smores in your microwave or oven. If you’re with another person — play board games or tell epic stories. If you really want to set the mood — hang up a star garland or string lights to imitate the night sky or play nature sounds from Youtube. Whether you’re friends or a significant other, you’ll find this to be a fun way to connect and en­joy the great outdoors in the coziness of your own home.


Spice things up in the kitchen with themed food dinners. For example, how often do you have Taco Tuesdays? Or Mediterranean food? Challenge yourself by researching and testing recipes from another culture. By eating more diverse foods, you’ll expand your palate while having fun. You can also try eating breakfast for dinner or mini meals for something different. The theme you select is only limited by your imagination, so be creative and have fun!


Let your creative juices flow! Use this time to paint something beautiful, film an event or finish up the short story or novel that you’ve been working on all quarter. Several studies on children have shown creative out­lets such as art lead to better motor skills, reduced stress and improved self-esteem. So get artistic this spring break, because a world with­out creativity would be like eating stale cookies without a glass of milk.


Gone are the days of sneaking dollar store candy into the theatre. Grab a comfy blanket and a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the movies at home. Most people make their popcorn in the microwave. But you can also invest in a popcorn machine for $20 on Amazon for a new experience. Amazon also sells movie theater baskets with a variety of snacks to munch on. Rent a flick on Redbox or watch a plethora of films from Netflix. Also, try different genres or invite a few friends over to enjoy the experience with you. You’ll find an at home movie mar­athon is a great way to save money and avoid those pesky interruptions.