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Review: Top five games of 2016

2017 has begun while 2016 has departed. During the previous year, there have been many different video games that had been released. Some of them were good, while others were not so good. These are five games released in 2016 that were among the outstanding.

  1. “DARK SOULS 3”

An action-adventure role-playing game, “Dark Souls 3” is essentially masochism in video game format. It is brutal, punishing and unforgiving. However, it’s these aspects that make the game so fun and enjoyable. Every objective in the game is a challenge, and instead of feeling game breaking unfair, “Dark Souls 3” teaches players to learn from their mistakes and to grow and overcome obstacles in the game. The atmosphere in “Dark Souls 3” is gruesome but in a good way. The scenery is dark and devoid of any ray of hope, which helps sell the atmosphere of the game and throughout my entire journey, I had a blast. If anyone is a fan of RPGs and has plenty of time on their hands, “Dark Souls 3” is worth the investment.

  1. “DOOM” (2016)

“DOOM” is a game that revitalized the first-person shooter genre. “DOOM” is one of those feel good games where the player just starts up the game and begins to mow down wave after wave of demonic creatures hellbent on killing the player. What helps make this even more enjoyable is a soundtrack that screams metal. “DOOM” is not going to be a game that everyone will enjoy, but for first-person-shooter fans, “DOOM” is worth considering.


The “Indiana Jones” of the video game universe, “Uncharted 4” is a treat from beginning to end. It is like watching an actual movie, as the cinematography is the greatest aspect of “Uncharted 4.” The visuals are gorgeous, while the character interactions and the story progression are written like an adventure movie. “Uncharted 4” is worth a try for any fan of treasure-hunter stories.


There is nothing more thrilling than espionage. “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is a first-person shooter with stealth and role-playing elements. This allows players to take branching paths when completing missions and tells an interesting story that deals with themes of racism and morality. Though “Mankind Divided” has a disappointing ending that feels rushed, getting to that point was a thrilling journey. Having the flexibility in gameplay and seeing how choices from past missions impacted the larger story completely makes up for the conclusion shortcomings.


“Overwatch” is another game that brought fresh air to the first-person shooter genre. The online multiplayer FPS genre had begun to get repetitive and boring. “Overwatch” is one of the few games that reignited the spark for the first-person genre with its atmosphere and its creative and colorful cast of characters. The characters are vastly different in their playstyles. The cartoonish atmosphere of the game also gives it a sense of innocence, unlike other shooter games. For any fan of the FPS genre, “Overwatch” is worth every penny.