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Racially Charged Letter Found in Campus Computer Labs

Two UW Tacoma printers were recently attacked by a known hacker, causing the printers to photocopy a racially-charged letter, according to the campus Safety Office.

Director of Campus Safety and Security Susan Wagshul-Golden says a UW Tacoma student discovered the letter at the Computer Science computer lab around noon on Aug. 2. Washul-Golden said the safety office was immediately dispatched, which found the attack to have come from an external source.

“During the investigation, we found that the responsible party is a known hacker, and he had instructed many of the open-network printers to print out the flyers and letters,” said Washul-Golden.

“I hope this is some kind of twisted joke,” said Jalen Calhoun, the student that found the letter in the computer lab.

Andrew Auernheimer, known by the pseudonym, ‘weev,’ used a simple port scanner to search for unsecured printers, according to

The letter, “Why I am Getting a Bowl Cut,” not only condones violence against non-whites, but also against those that oppose his ideologies. The letter makes reference to “Volundarkvidha,” a Nordic poem detailing vengeance, and also references Andres Breivik, a terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway back in 2011. The letter refers to minorities as the plague, and continues to promote rape and the killing of children throughout the rest of the piece.

The letter ends with the author supporting Dylann Roof, who is currently on trial for killing nine black devotees at a church in 2015.

Washul-Golden warned that students who come into contact with any other letters like this again should call their office at 253-692-4416.

“Report suspicious activity to our office as soon as possible,” said Washul-Golden.