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Making a Musical Splash at the Tacoma Dome

Life in Color makes a splash with its return to Tacoma, this year themed around the animal kingdom.

On May 21st, Life in Color: Kingdom will take place at the Tacoma Dome. But, what exactly is Life in Color, and why should you care? Since 2006, Life in Color has been a huge phenomenon that has taken the young adult culture by storm. They have had over nine events and Life in Color: Kingdom will mark their 7th tour.

Music, lights, and paint—these words perfectly describe what Life in Color is. While you listen to various electronic dance (EDM) songs, members on stage will spray paint all over the audience. So it’s strongly advised that if you do go to Life in Color you wear something that you don’t mind getting paint on.

As mentioned previously, EDM will be playing at the Life in Color event. The EDM artists that will be performing at Life in Color: Kingdom are Knife Party, Tritonal, Louis the Child, and Slander. Some of these bands are very successful in their field, such as Knife Party, which came in 53 out of 100 in DJ Magazine’s annual top 100 DJs. If you are a fan of electronic dance music then I’m sure you will like these groups.

Life in Color has taken the young adult generation by storm and has become very popular. The atmosphere plays a key role in getting people invested in events like these—the lights, music, and the people. All these different elements that combine into one thing allows people to socialize with others and have a fun time while doing it. To pull a quote from the Life in Color website:

“Inside each of us lies a journey of spiritual awakening. A place where fears, insecurities, and self-doubt are replaced with moments of pure joy and happiness. A place where colors can illuminate the sometimes-dark world. A place where you are united with your brothers and sisters of the world under a vibrant sky. This place is dedicated to you—the dreamers, the rule-breakers, the ones who never grow up—your Kingdom awaits!”

Though it seems it will be an exciting time, those who are not into raves will not like Life in Color: Kingdom. Raves began to grow in popularity in 1980 after different subcultures began to develop due to the introduction of acid. Because of this relation between drugs and raves, some individuals who go to raves have a tendency of using illegal drugs. Due to this, police have focused time and energy on events like these. However, if these aspects of raves do not bother you then you should have an amazing time at Life in Color: Kingdom.

The event will take place at the Tacoma Dome on May 21st, from 8 pm to 2 am, and the doors open at 7:45 pm. Ticket prices vary from $50 for general admission price to $70 for the VIP price, which allows you to be on the ground floor closer to the bands. If you have the time, money and friends, then I urge you to go to the Life in Color event on May 21st. You’ll have some fun, meet new people, and most definitely get drenched in paint.