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Tahoma West is Participating in Tacoma’s Very First Lit Crawl

Some of you may be asking, “What is a Lit Crawl?” It is just like a Pub Crawl but the only difference is that you are being immersed in literature and spoken word pieces instead of alcoholic beverages. Many urban cities host Lit Crawls such as London, Austin, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and now in Tacoma.

CC is hosting their very first Lit Crawl where 39 scribes, four artists, and two musicians will be performing at nine venues that are near Tacoma’s Stadium/Theater/North Pacific districts.

CC event facilitator Jackie Fender says, “There will be four to five reading events each hour happening simultaneously at different venues. Each of the performances will highlight a diverse genre of storytelling, everything from YA, crime, sci-fi, memoir, poetry and visual arts are represented.” Fender’s goals for this event are to put a spotlight on local storytellers and gain more visibility in Tacoma.

Many special events will be happening at 6 pm. Sanford & Son Antiques will be showcasing children’s literature. Embellish Multispace Salon will be featuring stories filled with comedy. The King’s Books Store presents co-producer of Tacoma Poetry Festival, Michael Haeflinger and his reading of HOWL. The Forum will be highlighting some of CC’s member’s most astounding literary work. Two alumni at UWT who used to work for Tahoma West, Nick Stillman, and Nicole McCarthy will be reading their pieces there.

UWT student and Co-Editor in Chief of Tahoma West Sabrina Burns states, “When you go to a Lit Crawl it is a performance. It is not just reading your piece. It is about engaging with your audience. You are making gestures; you are making it entertaining.”

At 7 pm, people will be exposed to a plethora of college students’ written work. King’s Bookstore will be showcasing University of Puget Sound material that focuses on subjects of the human condition such as identity and personhood. Odd Otter Brewing is a must-attend event for any science fiction fans. Doyle’s Public House brings you co-founders of Drunken Telegraph, Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe, and they will be presenting a mini version of their previous productions. The Harmon Taproom will be exploring the vulnerabilities and strengths of the human condition.

You will also get to listen to your fellow students’ literary work. At 7 pm, Tahoma West 2015/2016 staff will be performing at B Sharp Coffee House. UWT faculty Janie Miller, Co-Editors in Chief Chelsea Vitone and Sabrina Burns, Nonfiction Editor Ipek Sunday, Fiction Editor Sarah Crawford and Poetry Editor Zak Pelland will all be showcasing their best-written pieces.

At 8 pm, Tacoma’s Lit Crawl will be examining forms of writing that challenge conventional literature. The Harmon will be presenting authors that explore different ways of writing through memoirs, travel guides, and psychedelic exploration. Doyle’s Public House will have playwright Nick Stokes and screenwriter Jenni Prange present two isolated monologues. B Sharp Coffee House will be showcasing spoken word and poem performances. The Forum will be exposing tales of crime, justice, noir, and the balance between good and evil. Destiny City Comics will be displaying sketches and paintings. Then at 9 pm, citizens will get to meet local authors, talk about performances, and buy book at the B Sharp Coffee House after party.

This event gives Tacoma citizens the chance explore new pieces of writing and witness a creative culture growing. Fender says, “It is pretty exciting to be on the grassroots level working on something that we hope will serve as a bridge between genres and generations of word lovers.”

Fender concludes by emphasizing the importance of embracing the creative culture that is Tacoma. “As a student, or even a resident of Tacoma, I believe it is really important to immerse yourself in the culture of your surroundings and support the progression of community building. The creative culture is something we here in Tacoma are fortunate to have in spades, and the literary branch of that is no exception.”