Pros and Cons of “The Donald”

As college students and American citizens, it’s important to know who is running for president. The front runners include Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, and Marco Rubio. However, lately nobody has gotten as much media coverage as Donald Trump. With controversial comments and interesting ideas, Trump has at least shaken up the presidential debates with his brazen attitude. Here are some of the pros and cons that associated with Trump’s candidacy.


Despite many criticisms, Trump does have his achievements. He has been extremely successful as a business man. He has a strong plan to reduce illegal immigration with a wall and deportation, and create more jobs by increasing the border patrol and building a stronger military. In Time to Get Tough Trump wrote “Foreign interventions must require cost-sharing plans to reduce U.S. costs and guarantee veterans and their families are protected,” so he plans to protect veterans and their families as well.

Trump also wrote “Crack down on China’s currency manipulation by calculating taxes on imports based on how much a manufacturing country’s currency is undervalued.” He thinks that will reduce the number of jobs sent overseas. Many view Trump in an unfavorable light. Yet, he appeals to some because he claims he will make America “great again.”

Trump has a history as successful business leader. He has created thousands of jobs and made millions of dollars. Many say this isn’t enough to be Commander-in-Chief, but he has proven that he can lead a strong business. Over the past few years that has been essentially what the U.S. has become, a large business. Big corporations have been in bed with politicians for a while now. They have made capitalism the driving force of this country. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it is what America has become.

Perhaps the main reason why some hold Trump in a bad light is because he hits on politically sensitive issues. He may not be the most humble or politically correct person, but maybe that isn’t what America needs. Trump has told some women that they are slobs or made other rude comments. During the August 6th debate Trump was questioned about this. Trump stated that he had only ever made such comments to Rosie O’Donnell. The crowd found that amusing.

Trump supports freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. Trump has stated that he cherishes women many times. He has told interviewers that he is big on women’s health issues. When told on 60 Minutes that neither party particularly favored him, he agreed. It is true that neither party favors Trump wholeheartedly. But, this may not be a bad thing.

A Rasmussen featured poll reported that almost 38% of Americans identify with neither Republican nor Democrat. Trump may be running as a Republican candidate, yet, he isn’t biased toward the Republican view. Many might see him as a centrist in terms of political standing. He might be the political median that the U.S. needs.


One of the most concerning issues about this Republican presidential candidate may be seemingly lacking qualifications. The argument that most pursue is that Trump has no real prior experience in a political position of power, such as a governor or senator. Trump has answered these criticisms in the second Republican debate by stating that he has “been all around the world and dealt with people and been very successful.”

Trump uses explanations like this all the time. He has trouble providing specific examples, but as CEO of Trump Industries he must have some background in lobbying and trade.

Another issue is Trump’s likeability. After making several comments in the last few months about illegal immigration, Trump has stirred up some resentment. In the first Republican debate on August 6th, Jeb Bush asked Trump to apologize for his comment about his Mexican wife. Trump refused, stating that he had said nothing wrong. Trump stated she was a wonderful woman and he was only against illegal immigration.

Later in the debate Trump stated that he planned to force Mexico to pay for a 5 billion dollar wall that would stretch across the border. This idea stirred up a lot of controversy. After the announcer questioned the wisdom of this project Trump stated: “They are illegal immigrants, illegal. That means we need to get them out of here.” Trump then went on to say that he wants the good people to come back legally and continue their lives in America.

In terms of sheer electability, Trump’s candidacy also has its concerns. In a recent poll conducted by CNN, roughly 1,000 registered voters were asked if they would rather vote for Trump or the presumed Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. Only 42% stated they would vote for The Donald.