What to Do in the Event of a Campus Emergency

School shootings, sexual violence and armed assault are just some of the crimes that can affect college stu­dents. Even though a college campus may seem like a place of safety, stu­dents are the perpetrators in about 80 percent of campus crime, accord­ing to the nonprofit Clery Center for Security on Campus. It is important for students to be aware of the re­sources on campus at UWT, in order to protect themselves against poten­tial danger.

Our Campus Safety and Security office is located in the Dougan build­ing, Suite 180 and it is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year to provide a safe and secure environment for the UWT community.

The security at UWT is part of a city-wide radio network, and that includes the fire department and the police department. This way, the po­lice and fire department can hear UWT’s radio and vice versa, to im­prove response times, which is esti­mated around 3 minutes. UWT se­curity also does drills with the Tacoma police and fire department in the event of a disaster. To keep campus safe, all doors on campus have electronic locks, so in the event of a shooting incident or a threat of violence, any door can be locked quickly.

During a campus safety seminar that was held on campus, speakers Susan B. Wagshul-Golden (Director of Campus Safety), and Reginald Snowden (Campus Safety Officer), talked about how to keep yourself safe.

Pepper spray should always be carried and can be bought from the University Bookstore. When walking alone, keep keys held between your fingers, and talk on the phone with someone or pretend to be on the phone. In case there is an encounter with someone, jab in the eyes or throat for self-defense.

Self-defense classes are highly en­couraged, and both the Rape Aggres­sion Defense and Resisting Aggres­sion with Defense programs are offered to students on campus.

Don’t be scared to use your voice, and know that your safety is always top priority. If you ever feel unsafe or need assistance, call Campus Se­curity at 253-692-4416 for non-emer­gencies, and 253-692-4888 for emer­gencies.