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Abella Pizzeria: Great Pizza in a Great Community

Abella Pizzeria is a local restaurant that is surprisingly unknown to the general population of our campus. Well that changes today! This is a pizza fan’s sanctuary. With a great price on the pizza and a reputation of 13 years of great service and good pizza, Abella is here to stay under the loving owner­ship of Jim, Sonhe, and James Irvine.

This wonderful shop is nuzzled right next to the Harmon brewery and the Applebaum Violin Shop. Abellas is pretty much on campus, so for all of you students that don’t want to drive, take a bus, or walk a mile you can go to Abella. Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., you can go and get pizza by the slice for only three dollars for a HUGE slice. I hope you’re hungry be­cause they will make sure you leave with not just a full belly but a huge smile from ear to ear.

If you are looking for the nicest and most caring employees, you only need to swing by and just say hi. These people truly care about what you think and they care for this community as a whole. James explained that they’re “here to support the community and the community is so great they deserve a great pizza too.”

James is actually a UWT graduate and the family has deep roots within the city. The three dollar slices for lunch started because they understand that it isn’t always easy to find good quality food that isn’t 20 dollars per plate. The Irvine family and the Abel­la family are here for you, a member of the wonderful community here at UWT and not just at UWT but Ta­coma as a whole.

Matty, the manager stated that “there is always room for improve­ment… and pizza.” I have to say per­sonally I cannot argue with him one bit, especially if it is Abella’s pizza. There is one thing that is a bit disap­pointing, but only for about five min­utes. That is the fact that during the 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. period, when you can buy a slice for three dollars, you have to pick from what they have available. This isn’t a huge problem though; they make pizzas constantly during that period so just wait five minutes if you don’t like what they have out and they will have something new right away.

Overall, Abellas feels like very au­thentic, and it tastes even better. This pizza is made in a style all its own and better yet it is made from scratch! If you go to UWT you NEED to check out this place. It is only a short walk down (not even a block) and it is the perfect place to grab a great and filling lunch. This place is fantastic and is very community oriented, I implore you to see it, and taste it, for yourself. Oh, and did I mention they deliver? I’m talking to you Tacoma residents and Court 17 people.