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Budget Bakery Offers Gourmet Goodies

Who doesn’t like cake? Cake is a wonderful treat and yet sometimes pretty inconve­nient to buy, especially at the grocery store. Buying a whole cake isn’t most people’s ideal situation, since just a slice is usually enough. Well where could you get just a slice? Corina Bakery of course! The owner Molly Ott summa­rized the shop by saying “


Corina Bakery is an American style dessert bakery specializing in cakes and cheese cakes served by the slice daily.” This wonder­ful little place is located right next to the Grand Cinema at 602 Fawcett Av­enue.

This delightful place was brought to us by Molly in 2008 and has been a great addition to this amazing community. Corina Bakery makes some of the best cakes you will ever try and I have to encourage you to go try them. They even have you covered if you are gluten intolerant. Gluten-free cakes are made daily, and the best part about all of their cakes is that they are all made there.

One of the best parts is that the people are always smiling. As one of the employees Ariel eloquently stated, “You can’t be mad when you’re eating cake.” The whole place always smells great, but do be a bit careful because they have become quite popular and seating is a bit hard to find. Corina Bak­ery is run with tender love and care and it is obvious that the people of Tacoma and the employees of the bakery really do care for it.

If you have not been here already I would suggest putting down this article and going to Corina bakery to get some amazing cake…and then pick this ar­ticle back up, of course. This truly is another great addition to Tacoma, and if you are a dessert lover, this is a get­away for you taste buds. The best part is it is actually very affordable! You read that right, affordable cake! Starting at $4.50 per slice (even less if you get a cupcake $1.25-$2.50) this is an afford­able treat that you should treat yourself to.

If this article really hasn’t already convinced you, go and try it for yourself. You won’t regret a single bite. The serv­ings are generous to say the least, so bring a friend or two or more; it’s your choice, and soon it will be your cake. Now go out there and head down Faw­cett to find the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and please enjoy.