Campus Life

Three Years and Three EICs, a Ledger Record?

Copy Editor? Well, alright then.

The sign said, “Meeting every Tuesday 12:30.” I had been trying to attend the meetings during the summer of 2010. I wanted to work for the student-produced newspaper, doing any job available.

Finally in September, there were students sitting around a big table in MAT 151. Abby Williamson had yet to fill the copy editor position. Did no one want the job?

“I’d like to try,” I said.

“Do you have any experience?” Abby asked.

“Only with editing my own papers,” I said.

“You’re hired,” said Abby. “Here’s the AP stylebook, do it just like that.”

First breaking story

The Pierce Transit bus had moments before skidded down the hill on ice right past the Swiss and onto the UWT sidewalk. It had nearly crashed into the Science building and was resting on its side. No one was seriously injured by it that snowy afternoon in November, 2010.

In the newsroom Lana Alisdairi, news editor said, “I’m wearing spiked heels. I am NOT going out in that snow again. Hey Orlando, want to cover the story? Here’s a camera.”

Saturday nights with Kim and Dickson

“Dickson, why is my computer running so slow again?” asked Kim Swetland, EIC.

“Well Kimmy, it could be ‘cause you have 39 active word docs and 19 tabs open. Let’s close a few of those that you don’t need, OK?” said Dickson Kwong, photography editor, computer wiz, lay-out person, and go-to-guy for the 2011 – 2012 Ledger team.

“Guys, we’ve got a hole on page 16 this week. Want to go and do a review of the food at The Hub?” asked Kim.

“Yes!” we said.

The Tacoma Ledger is re-born

Johnny Dorrello took the helm of The Ledger and turned it into a weekly local newspaper with style, flair and sass. Can we get that in leather?

Thanks to all students, faculty, staff and local readers for your support. Congratulations for all of my kindred Tacoma Husky graduates in the pack of 2013. Go and get ‘em grads.