Campus Life

Saying Goodbye to UWT Seniors

Socheata Sin: Accounting

“My plan is to be a CPA. I did an internship in January, and then I got hired as a permanent staff at a CPA firm. My plan is to finish my fifth year and then get set ready to take the CPA exam. I have a friend named Gary Vires. He helped me by tutoring me, when I got stuck with homework or proofreading my paper. Basically I used him as my tutor, my number one resource! I just want to thank UWT; without the campus recruiting and job fair I wouldn’t be an employee! ”



Kate Harpel: Psychology

“After graduation, I want to get experiences! I did Running Start at TCC, and have been going nonstop since then, so I have the time now to just get out in the real world and apply what I’ve learned in school. I really enjoyed Cargill’s Psychology of Food and Culture class. Dr. West presents material in a way where you can’t help but grow from it. I’ve really enjoyed working at UWT’s two major publications, Tahoma West and the Ledger.”


Brittnee Dolphin: Communications and Business Minor

“I’m doing job shadowing for a prosecutor’s office, and that’s super cool so I might just stay on with that. My accounting teacher was really great, he was the most helpful and inspirational teacher I’ve had. I want to give a little shout out to my mom and fiancé, as I would not have been able to go to school if it wasn’t for them watching our son and grandson.”




Stefanie Endfinger: American Studies

“I plan on going to graduate school…eventually, when I can afford it! I’m thinking about either architecture or historic preservation. Two professors that helped me out were Michael Sullivan and Julie Nicoletta. I really liked it here. It helped me get in the right direction, where I wanted to go. When I first came here I was unsure of what I wanted to do. But it helped me a lot.”



Malia Ramos: Communications

“After graduation, I plan on doing my best in seeing that Tacoma reaches its full potential. I plan to work within the city as a communications coordinator for a non-profit organization. I would love give a shout out to my family, friends and all my peeps in Coon’s Video Production class! 2013 Holla!”