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The Fun Police Enforcing Good Times in Tacoma

You can’t really have fun without creativity. Tacoma has enriched the music scene in the Pacific Northwest for as long as anyone can remember. It has been the birthplace for a multitude of unique artists that have made an impact in our community. A prime example is the Fun Police. The band consists of Ranger Ruffhousen on vocals/guitar/accordion/horns, Deputy D. Hole on Guitar/vocals, Officer Orange-Fuzz on bass/vocals, Captain Cox-Licker on guitar/banjo, Brigadier B-Ski on drums/rhythms, and Veteran V-Dub on vocals/percussion.

This band doesn’t play by everyone’s rules in the local music scene. The genre and image ruts go out the window with the Fun Police. One unique aspect about this band is their stage wardrobe. Each officer of the Fun Police has a different uniform that corresponds with their name, like ranger, and brigadier.

The Fun Police is a rich stew full of different ingredients when it comes to describing their sound. You can hear different flavors such as punk, ska, folk, and funk. The Fun Police have an ongoing list of influences that cater to their music. These influences are from music and even movies, such as “Seabiscuit” and “The Sound of Noise.” Each band member keeps an eye out for interesting artists such as The Wiyos and Spindrift.

The Fun Police have played with many local and national artists throughout the Northwest. They are looking to expand to their audience and plan to tour new regions like the southern states and even farther places.

The vocal/accordion/guitar/horns player Ranger Ruffhousen stated, “A year from now in January, we are aiming to do a tour in Mexico.”

According to the Fun Police, their latest album “Clown Control” has resulted in an unidentified stalker that has deemed himself “the Great Boozo”. In addition to threatening emails, he also leaves a plastic doll head and attached to a paper plate note written in red that reads, “Die die, I’ll poke out your eyes. Then feast on your livers! Heart, GB.” Apparently the clown community took the album a little too seriously.

Outside of clowns, being offended the album is refreshingly diverse and energetic. Each song is unique and leaves you wanting to listen to the next track. This album displays how rich they are influenced by so many different styles of music. The song that describes them best is “Dumpster Diving,” because they are all avid dumpster divers. “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as they say. The Fun Police are currently working on a new EP they are calling “Noogies, Titty Twisters and Wet Willies” so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

If you would like to check out the Fun Police for yourself, check out their Facebook page at By the time this prints, they will have just played the Let’s Play event at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, January 19. For upcoming shows, follow them on your social networking site of choice.


Photo courtesy of The Fun Police.