Local businesses to try for Valentine’s Day for college students

Valentine’s Day is known to be a holiday where many people look forward to dining and trying big and expensive restaurants, as seen in many romantic movies and read in romantic novels. However, not many college students can afford to try those types of restaurants or know where to go. The Ledger spoke with second-year student Camryn Sheil. 

“Valentine’s Day can be hard to plan for, especially as a college student,” Sheil says. Two local business owners are dedicated to making their business welcoming to new customers, especially UWT students.

The Crisp Greens restaurant specializes in meal-prep, fresh and high quality menu options that include items like salads, bowls and gluten-free bakery items. Crisp Greens owner Corie Cameron was able to offer commentary.

“My favorite salad is the Mexican Caesar Salad, I eat it everyday,” says Cameron, “The business is a spin-off of an earlier meal-prep service so we do a lot of catering.Within the next three weeks we are opening a second location on Pac Ave right on the UWT campus and will offer a 5% discount to students who show their ID.” 

This is a great restaurant for Valentine’s Day because they have a healthy and fresh food-centered menu plus desserts to counter Valentine’s Day candy calories. 

Crisp Greens is located on 3602 6th Ave in Tacoma, which is only a ten to fifteen minute drive from campus according to Apple Maps. 

The Ledger was also able to speak with the Driphouse Coffee Co owner Alina Derkach. 

“One of our most popular drinks is the blue raspberry, kiwi, lemon blue lotus lemonade energy drink,” says Derkach, “I recommend students to try our energy drinks for that extra boost before class, it’s infused with flavor and can be topped with orange juice, cream, lemonade, etc.”

Driphouse Coffee Co. is a coffee shop located on 1901 M.L.K. Jr Way in Tacoma. This coffee shop offers flavorful drinks, a diverse menu and exceptional customer service. 

This is a great coffee location because of the huge menu and fast, friendly staff. According to Derkach, Driphouse Coffee Co. is offering a special promotion for UWT students that includes one-dollar 16-ounce drinks for students which include Driphouse Coffee Co. energy drinks and peach green tea lemonade. Alina is proud to offer milk alternatives such as oat milk, hemp milk, almond milk, soy milk and even coconut milk. Alina encourages students to try their strawberry, guava, pineapple pink lotus lemonade energy drink because of its Valentine’s Day color theme.

Driphouse Coffee Co. is dedicated to bringing high-quality coffee and exceptional customer service. Crisp Greens and Driphouse Coffee Co. will be open on Valentine’s Day and will have normal operating hours.