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Poison Apple

“Did you guys drop some change?” Jooley points to some coins on the ground as my photographer Andy and I are on our way out. I don’t think I did, but we bend down to pick them up anyway. They are glued to the floor! Jooley explodes with laughter and the joke is surely on us.

Her name is Jooley Heaps (yes like it sounds) and she is one of the coolest chicks you will ever meet. She is the owner of Poison Apple, a hip boutique on Pacific Avenue here in Tacoma. Before it was Poison Apple it was Box Top Vintage, winner of Evening Magazine’s ‘Best of Western Washington’ award for best vintage and resale store in 2010 and 2011. She was even featured on the cover of the Weekly Volcano for their style section on what to wear for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert. Jooley runs the store with her friends Jason Emmett and Jennifer Walter with additional help from her two six year old twins.

With a store named in honor of the evil queen from “Snow White,” this is truly an establishment celebrating subculture. Her favorite item in the store is her hot pink coffin in the corner! Along with unique clothing and accessories, Poison Apple mainly deals in fun novelty items, collectables and toys. The store is most known for their tentacle fingers, wacky socks, Dia de lost Muertos products, and all things leopard print. This is a place that inspires wild fun looks that aim to turn heads.

I just had to ask Jooley how she dresses so fearlessly and she laid some wisdom on me: “It’s all about finding what you like and what works for you. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they stop caring what everyone else thinks and start to dress the way they really want to. Besides, it’s more fun to experiment with clothes. I suggest pairing older vintage stuff with leggings and boots to start.”

As for the future of Poison Apple, Jooley plans to have a store website going live soon for customers who want to shop online. This March she will be having her store anniversary party that will be open to the public that will have merrymaking activities such as a raffle and dancing. Jooley is actively involved in events around Tacoma and will be at Tacoma Shift Happens 2013 which will showcase local businesses and artists alike. Though there is currently plenty of construction going on in front of her store, it is positively open! Stop by with friends and make this wild chick’s day.


Photo by Andy Cox.