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Music That Will Make You Feel: Animal Collective’s ‘Strawberry Jam’ tickles the senses

Breaking the barrier between senses, Animal Collective has long been known for making questioning sounds with a side of music. Their 2007 album “Strawberry Jam” mixes genres such as pop, folk, ambient, rock, shoegaze, carnival, screamo and straight up animal sounds. This collective of social anomalies have perfected the art of making you dance ancient tribal rituals, cry over disparaging notes, and squawk like a bird (if you are singing along correctly) before a single track spins by. The song ‘Derek’ melts your heart into liquid. As you drip into a swaying physical state, an abrasive marching band wakes you from your dream world. The crashing percussion takes you to a different, stranger dimension where your emotions are torn between being enraptured or completely terrified.