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Warhol & Tacoma: A Passion for Flowers

You’ve probably heard the buzz, there’s a huge Warhol exhibit over at the Tacoma Art Museum, which is free for UWT students while it runs through February 10th. The exhibit aims to celebrate and spotlight the Warhol art proposal on the Tacoma Dome.

The exhibit highlights Warhol’s fascination for flowers in screenprints and illustrations through the years with many donations from The Andy Warhol Museum of Pittsburgh.

As mentioned in the press release, the exhibit “will further cultivate art and culture by raising awareness about Warhol’s proposal and the growing interest in realizing his vision.” Citizens to Install Andy Warhol’s Flower on Tacoma Dome can be found on Facebook at

At the end of December the museum is hosting a New Year’s Eve Bash in the style of Studio 54, with tickets starting at $50.