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Click! @ The History Museum

There’s a neat little exhibit across the street at the Washington State Historical Society History Museum called “Click!” This exhibit features 30 or so portraits from Tacoma’s black and white days. Don’t let the postmodern, Generation Z title sway you, as this is very much an antiquarian’s exhibit.
Cameras grew up alongside Tacoma’s dusty and ambitious streets. Whether photographers were documenting the visual changes or progress of Tacoma, mapping out terrain for the city, acting as scribes for the new media of their time during pivotal events in history, or conveying emotion with just a photo, “Click!” is certainly a testament to the merit and worth of a photo.

Tacoma and its Cameras

Three box cameras are on display. Usually made of wood and a cumbersome design, yet still appealing to the public of that time period. Verna Haeffer’s Primo Long Focus 4×5. By Rochester Optical Co. 1895. Asahel Curtis’ Long Focus Cycle Wizard Sr. 1900. (MIDDLE) Wooderd Clarke & Co. 1895 (RIGHT)




Mammoth Kinsey Camera circa 1900.


Mammoth Kinsey Camera circa 1900.






1910 lightweight fight. “Wildcat” Carter vs. “Doc” Snell.






Grand United Order of Oddfellows Lodge No. 3211 circa 1914. They were active in the business community and offered social services to African-Americans in the area. Photo taken by Marvin Boland.