Campus Life

ASUWT Update

The ASUWT team has been getting involved with campus changes and the upcoming elections.  A recent meeting addressed setting up goals to provide UWT students with transparency with regard to ASUWT budget and spending. Five new members were added to the Public Relations committee to improve communication with students. They are also planning to pitch an idea to the administration for how to utilize the top floors of the new library, but details could not be confirmed yet.

An official statement released in September explained ASUWT’s support for the impending Proposition 1, which will raise local sales and use tax by 0.3 percent in order to support services by Pierce County Transit:  “We believe that providing access to public transportation is in the best interests of students. At the University of Washington, Tacoma, we recognize that we are in the heart of our community and several students rely on this public service in order to receive the education they aspire to achieve.”

Another statement released during the same time period regarded their Resolution #002-SU12 – Official Stance on Water Bottles and Plastic Usage. In addition to working on implementing water bottle filling stations in the past and encouraging the accessibility of stainless steel water bottles, the statement promised that ASUWT will “resolve to take a more deliberate stance regarding to water bottles and plastic usage.” An Eco-Initiative Pledge will be announced on November 6, 2012. Read future updates for details and outcomes of ASUWT’s current projects.