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Top 5 Horror Novels

The beautiful golden leaves crunch beneath your feet, the once emerald trees stand naked, the air feels cool and crisp on your face but something disturbs this calm. Walking from your class you feel as if someone or something is following you. You begin to walk faster, glancing over your shoulder every couple of seconds. Your chest becomes heavy and your heart pounds with the weight of your backpack inhibiting you from escaping whatever is following you. You finally reach the parking garage. It’s 10:00 p.m. at night and the garage is completely empty. Your car stands alone. Hesitating, you walk towards the car. You begin to hear distorted laughing but there is no other car in the garage except yours. You sit in your car and start the engine. So far so good. Driving away you feel that feeling again, like something is not quite right. You glance in the rear-view mirror. She’s sitting there! The Lady in White everyone on campus was talking about, she’s in your car! She utters one word: “Boo!”

It’s definitely that time of year again. Scary stories (like the one I attempted above), fake blood, ghoulish masks, cool costumes and most importantly of all CANDY. Since we are no longer 10-year-olds with lots of free time and no fillings, how about settle in by a cozy fire on a chilly October night and read a good, scary book instead. These five horror novels make for great horror movies but they were great horror novels first. So get spooked this October and pick up one of these books for a little fright in the night!

  1. “Dracula” by Bram Stoker
  2. “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly
  3. “Interview with the Vampire” by Ann Rice
  4. “The Shining” by Stephen King
  5. “Something Wicked this Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was published in 1897 and ever since there have been many cinematic renditions of this novel. The novel is about the horrifically foreboding Dracula and his attempt to relocate from Transylvania to England. During his stay in England, Dracula creates wreaks havoc with much bloodshed and battles the heroic Professor Abraham Van Helsing.

Published in 1818, “Frankenstein” was written by the 18-year-old Mary Shelley. Who knew a young girl like herself had such macabre thoughts? Macabre, but frightfully brilliant. This novel surrounds the events that occur when a scientist creates a monster during an unorthodox experiment leading to an unexpected escape of the monster and the incidents that follows.

“Interview with the Vampire” by Anne Rice was published in 1976 and is one of the most famous contemporary gothic horror novels. The novel focuses on the story of Louis and his transformation from being human to immortal as a vampire. As he tells his story to a reporter in modern day New Orleans, the reader discovers his relationship with vampires Lestat and Claudia and the struggles he faced wandering the world as an immortal with a thirst for blood.

Published in 1977, “The Shining” is written by the mastermind of horror, Stephen King. This novel is about the character of Jack Torrance and his downward spiral into madness during his stay at the Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies with this son Danny and wife Wendy. As soon as the family arrives at the hotel strange events begin to occur leaving Jack the most disturbed leading Danny and Wendy to fight for survival.

“Something Wicked this Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury was published in 1962. This novel focuses on the harrowing secrets of a traveling carnival and its diabolical purpose. Two 13-year-old-boys learn of this nightmarish carnival when it arrives at their Midwestern town in October. The boys learn of “Mr. Dark” and his cruel intentions and experience terrifying incidents as they try to escape this carnival from hell.