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Tacoma Film Festival

Last Thursday, hundreds of film makers, both local and international, cinephiles and lovers of wine and cheese gathered at Tacoma Film Festival’s Opening Night, at Annie Wright’s Great Hall.

The surge of modern independent films can be attributed to the innovation in film technology; independent film culture is reaching unprecedented numbers.

“Now that we have digital cameras, everyone can essentially make a film,” said Dr. Joann Clarke Dillman, a film professor at UWT. She went on to speak of the need for independent film as, “Hollywood picks for the mainstream.”

Indie films are anything but mainstream. There is a lot that independent film has to offer; providing insights into life, and social commentary on issues ranging from the avant-garde to edgy.

Festival attendees may find the experience a bit different than your usual movie going routine.

“If the directors are present, you just get a nice buzz of rediscovering the love of movies,” said Dillman.

UWT has had a small but constant presence within the festival, featuring films by accomplished student film makers almost every year.