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Coronavirus to hit Uyghur camps

The deadly Coronavirus has just recently spread around in China and has reached multiple countries. Unfortunately, as many people have passed, the virus has reached the Uyghur camps, where one million detainees are situated.

Women imprisonment in Turkey

As the Turkish government shows solidarity to human rights violations in other countries, it covers up the fact that they still have thousands of innocent people detained since its 2016 military coup attempt.

Recognize women in war stricken areas

Over the past few years, we have seen war breakage and refugees fleeing predominantly from Syria, this discusses what they have to endure after escape.

The essentials to self-love

We all need daily reminders on how important we actually are to not only others but ourselves.

Uyghur genocide; action starts now

As the Uyghur concentration camps are currently taking place, it is important that we as a community learn the names of those detained.

How to destress after finals week

Finals week is an anxious time for a lot of students — here are a few tips to help you relax after those grueling exams.

Native perception of Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people prepare to celebrate, and as this day is for celebration, it is a day of mourning for others.