BOOK REVIEW: The fantasy dystopia of ‘The Fourth Wing’

Rebecca Yarros writes a fantasy dystopia series that will leave you wanting more.

It has been no secret that I love a good book, even though I have very little time for reading for my enjoyment. I find myself gravitating towards fantasy and dystopian novels. I want a book to transport me to another world. “The Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros is an exciting twist between the two.  

The story is set after a devastating rebellion, and we are experiencing the aftermath. The rider’s quadrant, one of the many occupations, is central to this. Children of the rebels are forced to enter the quadrant after their parents’ resistance. As the deadliest quadrant, this is seen as a punishment and also a mercy of sorts.  

Every year incoming cadets for the quadrant are put to the test and eventually given the opportunity to form a bond with a dragon, making them an official rider. As a newcomer, you are still not safe from the possibility of death.  

Death is a normal thing within the rider’s quadrant, and no one seems to be phased by this. This does not stop them from finding love and “celebrating,” as it is described in the books. While it is not the focus of the story, there is some spice for those who do not mind some romance. 

Yarros has incredible world building abilities and transports you to another realm when you are reading. There is clever foreshadowing that will have you wondering how you missed it. I was captivated from the first page.  

If you are looking for your next read, this might be it. There are currently 2 books in the series with a third on the way. Fair warning, the second book will have you wanting more, ending on the worst cliff hanger. I highly recommend this series for an engaging summer read. 

Featured image illustrated by Cole Martin.