UWT announces plans to offer underwater basket weaving degree

Beginning fall quarter 2019, UW Tacoma has announced plans to offer a new academic program in Underwater Basket Weaving. The degree, which will be part of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, integrates the complex artistic skill of basket weaving with the physical challenge of being underwater for prolonged periods of time.

“We are so excited to be expanding the school of IAS,” said Dr. Tentacles, the leader of the new program. “This degree reflects UWT’s commitment to diversity, and we truly believe that students from any program will benefit from the artistic value and complex skill this type of discipline provides.”

Underwater basket weaving is a growing industry in the Pacific Northwest, and has become increasingly popular with college students. Colleges, such as Evergreen State College, have also begun offering related programs. UWT’s goal is to keep up with the growing demand and continue to foster innovation.

Over the course of four years, students in this field will sharpen their skills on both sides through a combination of textbook reading, building an artistic portfolio and hands-on field work. The mandatory capstone class for this major is a challenging course where students will be required to design and host a live, public exhibition of their underwater creations.

Some example courses include “TBASK 101: Fundamentals of Basket Weaving,” “TBASK 213: History of Underwater Art” and mandatory safety course titled “TBASK 200: Fundamentals of Diving,” where a grade of 2.0 will be required for entry into the major.

The program will begin offering seven courses during fall 2019, and will eventually expand to 10 courses that following spring. Students from other programs are encouraged to take these classes to fulfill their Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA) requirement that is needed for most UWT degrees.

Disclaimer: While you’re registering for your first class in the Underwater Basket Weaving major, remember: this isn’t a real major and there’s no courses that offer this. Happy April Fool’s Day!