Wannabe Seahawk Fans Should Learn from NFC Championship

Call it a miracle or an act of chance, but the Seahawks made one of the most impressive comebacks in NFL history after securing the NFC Championship against the Green Bay Packers. Thou­sands watched as Russell Wilson threw the winning pass into the end zone. Yet, not everyone got to see this miraculous comeback. Scores of depressed fans left early after the Packers accrued a 16-0 lead. After hearing the roaring sounds of thunder coming from the once quiet CenturyLink Field, the fans rushed back to the stadium, only to be halted by se­curity at the gates flourishing signs saying “no re-entry.”

Many huddled up against the glass of the security checkpoint like children wait­ing for a preverbal NFC that they would never get to see. As the decibels reached deafening levels, they listened with bated breath. Many think that these bandwag­on fans got what they rightfully deserved. In fact, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin told the media he was disap­pointed in some fans’ lack of faith. When asked about who his “doubters” were Baldwin replied stating “Fans or media doesn’t matter, you know who you are. Whoever doubts the Seahawks as a team?” Baldwin went on to say that some fans doubt the receivers. He said “Maybe if we had some better receivers we would win more Super Bowls, oh wait we are going to the Super Bowl.”

Russell Wilson described in a post-game interview that he never lost hope. As he addressed the media in tears he said “God is so good all the time. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this team.” Even when fans were leaving the stands and everyone had chalked the game up to a loss, the Seahawks persevered through it all. No matter what happens during a game, they do whatever it takes to try and secure the win. That’s why no matter what the outcome of the Super Bowl is, the Seahawks continue to be a force to be reckoned with.