UWT explores Fund for Education Abroad scholarship in informative session

Associate Director Courtney Kroll shares valuable perspectives on scholarships, shedding light on the transformative impact of programs like FEA and offering guidance for aspiring students.

In a recent information session led by Courtney Kroll, the Associate Director of Study Abroad, students eager to explore international education were enlightened about the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) scholarship. The session, held to address queries and guide potential applicants, also shed light on various scholarship opportunities for those venturing into the realm of studying abroad. 

The FEA scholarship, known for its focus on marginalized students in terms of finances and under-represented populations, particularly racial and ethnic minority students, promises a transformative journey for those willing to take on the challenges of studying abroad. Kroll navigated attendees through the intricacies of the FEA changes, application process, and emphasized the significance of the scholarship’s mission to support diverse academic pursuits. 

Insights into the FEA Scholarship: 

Kroll detailed the scholarship’s eligibility criteria, highlighting recent changes that now welcome applications from DACA recipients and no longer require a letter of recommendation. The applicationdemands attention to detail, including academic transcripts, a financial aid form and an essay. 

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to tackling the essay requirements. Kroll stressed the importance of addressing each element of the essay questions comprehensively. With a 750-word limit for each essay, applicants must articulate their choice of intended study program, its alignment with their academic and personal goals, and how it builds on past experiences. 

The second essay prompts applicants to reflect on personal challenges, demonstrating qualities like open-mindedness and perseverance. Kroll encouraged students to delve into genuine experiences that evoke emotions and showcase personal growth. 

As the session unfolded, Kroll emphasized the need for early preparation, advising students to start the application well in advance of the February 7 deadline. Recognizing the anxiety associated with scholarship applications, Kroll reassured students that the process itself serves as valuable self-reflection, enhancing their preparedness for the challenges of studying abroad. 

While the FEA scholarship took center stage, Kroll also touched upon other scholarship options available for students aspiring to study abroad. Acknowledging the financial burden associated with international education, she urged students to explore various avenues, including the Gilman scholarship and additional opportunities with different application timelines. 

The information session proved instrumental in demystifying the FEA scholarship application process and equipping students with insights into crafting compelling essays. As aspiring scholars gear up for the February deadline, the session’s impact extends beyond funding, fostering a community of resilient and globally-minded individuals ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of studying abroad. 

On the topic of overcoming challenges abroad, Kroll shared inspirational stories of the students successfully studying abroad with the help of scholarship. 

“Study abroad isn’t without its challenges, but these hurdles, be they personal or academic, contribute to resilience and a more enriching experience.” Kroll said. 

Addressing scholarship recommendations, Kroll highlighted the simplicity of the UW Tacoma Office of Global Affairs Scholarship application. 

She said, “By expressing interest during the application for UW Tacoma study abroad programs, students can effortlessly access this valuable resource.” 

Throughout the session, Kroll’s commitment to facilitating access to international education opportunities was evident. Her comprehensive insights not only demystified the application process but also instilled a sense of purpose and preparedness among aspiring scholars. 

Currently the FEA scholarship is open for applications with a deadline for February 7, 2024. It can be found on their official website.